E.I. Medical Imaging Announces the Release of Ibex® Pro-R and SuperLite Ultrasound Systems

E.I. Medical Imaging, a leading US-based company manufacturing portable ultrasound systems for veterinary use, announced today the release of the Ibex® Pro-R and SuperLite ultrasound systems.

Pro-R and SuperLite

Based on the company’s commitment to continuous improvement, EIMI is pleased to announce the release of the new and improved Ibex® Pro-R and SuperLite ultrasound systems.

Enhanced image quality and durability have been designed into both the Ibex Pro-R and SuperLite. Charles Maloy, president of E.I. Medical Imaging commented: “Both of these systems deliver on specific requests from our existing customers. Practitioners are always asking for increased image quality and a more ergonomic transducer shape. By incorporating these features into these hardwired systems, we also increased the durability of these systems over our original Ibex designs.”

The Ibex Pro-R and SuperLite systems were engineered for use on all species and in the most demanding environments. Both Ibex Pro-R and SuperLite systems build on the ultra portability and ruggedness for which EIMI Ibex systems have been known. These new Ibex Pro-R and SuperLite systems are designed for the most demanding equine and bovine reproductive environments.

E.I. Medical Imaging never stops engineering and innovating. In conjunction with the release of the Ibex Pro-R and SuperLite, the company is also announcing the release of the all-new L7E-HD transducer. This new probe produces images never before seen on the Ibex platform. With enhanced ergonomics, the L7HD transducer is much more user-friendly for the veterinary practitioner. E.I. Medical Imaging ultrasound systems have been engineered specifically for veterinary use – rugged enough to withstand the day to day rigors of a fast-paced clinical environment. All products are proudly manufactured in Loveland, Colorado.

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