Dynamic Water and Confetti Effects for Nissan Altima Commercials Were Created by Special Effects Team at TLC

A remarkable, customized water drop was created by the effects team at TLC. Fog and confetti effects fill the air with high-energy impact and live special effects create eye-grabbing visuals for media and event productions of all kinds.

Custom Water Burst Effects Highlights Nissan Ad

A Nissan Altima national ad campaign chose TLC’s special effects team to create live special effects, and an original water effect, to enhance their "Defense Wins Championships" ads. The exciting ads feature the Los Angeles based effects team at TLC Creative Special Effects; creating fog bursts, confetti drops, and a custom staged water effect that dropped a huge burst of water onto the Nissan cars.

TLC knows how to target the best special effect impact toward audiences and cameras. Many years of special effect experience taught L.A.’s top effects team how to deliver impact to where it counts. The creative team at TLC also printed a graphic of a basketball court, solving a budget issue of the production team renting a basketball court. This simple idea from TLC saved the production company money as they had been contemplating renting a real basketball court for the ads.

The Nissan spots debuted during the 2016 NBA Finals. The Nissan ad can be seen at this link >>>

TLC knows basketball, being the official special effects company for the Los Angeles Lakers since 2001. TLC created the dramatic cylinder drop-screen video opener pre-game shows that are projected onto a fabric screen that surround the scoreboard for the kick-off videos. TLC designed the unique drop and release system for the Lakers. TLC also provides effects for the New York Knicks and other NBA teams.

The unique water effect was created with TLC’s team tilting the barrel of blue liquid over the car. A specially designed tilted bracket system was used to simulate the celebratory moment of dousing the coach with a Gatorade filled cooler. The effect was achieved by TLC using a suspended 55 gallon drum that poured specially thickened water that was dyed blue for the photography. The thicker water displayed more splash and bigger drops to look more visually exciting.  See more about TLC’s WATER EFFECTS >>>

TLC specializes in special effects for events, TV, movies, music and more; Fog bursts, Fog Jets, flame effects, fire effects, pyrotechnics and lasers. Other fog effects, such as soft, flowing low-level fog add unforgettable looks. See more TLC FOG EFFECTS >>>

Confetti and Streamers are another TLC specialty, adding a punctuation mark to any key moment. TLC brings creativity with, confetti drops of paper money, rose petals, or custom cut shapes, and custom printed streamers, making moments memorable.  See more TLC CONFETTI EFFECTS >>>

Kevin Bilida (founder of TLC) says, “Pointing a laser show to terminate exactly over the people in the very back-row taught us how to maximize the value of any special effect directly on the viewers. It’s all done to send the most impact to everyone watching, whether its watching lasers and effects in a music video, a corporate event, on a live TV show, a small or big stadium show, we want EVERY viewer to walk away in awe of what they just saw.”

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Source: TLC Creative Special Effects

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