Dura Software Expands Portfolio to Brazil With Publicações Online

Publicações Online Marks the 18th Acquisition by Dura Software

Dura Software, a leading acquirer of hyper-niche software companies, announces its first acquisition in the Brazilian market with the purchase of 100% of the shares of Publicações Online.

Based in Florianópolis, Publicações Online has been a leader in the Brazilian market for 15 years, specializing in electronic distribution of summonses and processes for law offices, legal departments and attorneys.

"We are ecstatic about our first acquisition in the vibrant Brazilian market because Publicações Online is such a great company," said Dura Software CEO Paul Salisbury. "They are highly regarded in their industry, and their technology solution solves a mission-critical need for their clients' businesses." 

"We are proud of the prominence that the company has achieved in recent years, and the acquisition by Dura Software is a clear demonstration of this," said Joe Parente, one of the founding partners of Publicações Online. “With Dura, we will be able to capitalize on the solid technology base we have developed and expand the partnerships with clients throughout Brazil.”

About Dura Software

Dura Software acquires, owns, and operates a portfolio of growing niche software businesses that provide mission-critical solutions to end customers. Unlike other investors, Dura seeks to hold onto and operate its companies without any term limits. Dura is backed by founders and investors with deep experience in investing and operating companies across multiple industry verticals in various geographies.

About Publicações Online 

Publicações Online stands out as a pioneer in Brazil in the supply of electronic judicial summons clippings, adapted to the routine of clients in all Brazilian states. Recognized for its dedication to security and continuous improvement in the management of summonses and processes, the company has significantly contributed to the development and implementation of the electronic summons management system. It was also the first to offer services of capturing and managing summonses from the electronic systems of courts, leading innovations in the Brazilian legal sector.

Source: Dura Software