Dura Software Acquires Dutch Cloud Faxing Company

Fenestrae, a cloud faxing provider based in The Hague, is the 10th company to join Dura's expanding portfolio of companies.

San Antonio-based Dura Software has recently acquired Fenestrae, a provider in cloud faxing solutions for secure document exchange. Adding to the extensive Dura company portfolio, Fenestrae is a welcome addition to the rapidly growing software buyer. Fenestrae is the 10th acquisition for Dura, which continues to broaden its portfolio of hyperniche software products.

"Fenestrae's technology is uniquely qualified for the company portfolio and their role in providing business-critical technology across various sectors is very much in alignment with what we set out to do with Dura," says Paul Salisbury, CEO of Dura Software. "Our overarching goal with this acquisition is to maintain consistent profit margin and steady growth while focusing further development of the product, which we wholeheartedly believe we can accomplish with Fenestrae as part of our portfolio."

Serving over 40 countries, Fenestrae works with the financial, healthcare, and legal industries, as well as multiple governing bodies. Fenestrae's software product, Faxination, is a highly optimized cloud faxing solution that allows for the integration of paper documents into existing digital systems and processes. Improving business efficiency and eliminating complexity, Faxination streamlines processes and workflows while maintaining total regulatory compliance. The addition of Fenestrae will diversify Dura's portfolio and furthers Dura's mission of acquiring business-critical SaaS products. 

Justin Brady, who is also CEO of Dura portfolio company DB Technology, will be leading the company as part of its transition to Dura. "Fenestrae's business-critical technology is an excellent fit for the Dura Software company portfolio, and we're thrilled to expand our global reach. Their service across a wide range of industries as well as innovative private and public cloud product offerings will only continue to progress with the additional investment that Dura brings to the table."

To learn more about Dura Software and its portfolio of companies, visit https://www.dura.software/. To learn more about Fenestrae, visit https://www.faxination.com/en/.

About Dura Software

Dura Software is an expert in acquiring, owning and operating "Hyper-Niche" software businesses. Over the coming years, Dura will work to continue to expand by acquiring additional great businesses and by generating sustained profitable growth from business operations. Dura Software is based in San Antonio and operates a portfolio of companies that includes 6Connex, SecureVideo, DB Technology, Lane, DVSAnalytics, Eventory, Moki, Nordic IT and Vertex Systems.

About Fenestrae

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Fenestrae has been serving the healthcare, legal, financial, and government sectors for the last three decades. Fenestrae's cloud faxing solution, Faxination, is designed to integrate document flows with connected systems for a streamlined exchange of business-critical data. Fenestrae's innovative platform helps companies all over the globe make a digital transformation and modernizes current business processes for reduced complexity and greater efficiency. 

Source: Dura Software