Dura Software Acquires 14th Company, Paperwise, Within Its Ever-Expanding Portfolio

Paperwise is a Provider of Industry Agnostic Solutions for Document Management

Dura Software continues its aggressive acquisition strategy with the announcement of its 14th portfolio company, Paperwise. This marks the third acquisition this year for Dura Software and is a clear sign that the company is looking to expand its offering in document management.

Paperwise's document management platform, Symphony, offers many capabilities, including forms, intelligent capture, workflow automation, integrations, customized solutions, and more. Symphony's versatility allows the software to cater to all corners of enterprise business, making it an irreplaceable solution across various industries and departments.

"We are thrilled to welcome Paperwise to the Dura family. Paperwise's industry expertise, flexible platform, and innovative offerings align well with our mission of empowering enterprises with business-critical software tools," commented Paul Salisbury, CEO of Dura Software.

Dura Software has selected Paperwise's CEO, Dan Langhofer, to continue leading the company based on his extensive experience, invaluable customer relationships, and deep understanding of the product strategy. 

Dan Langhofer, a software engineer by trade, has been working with Paperwise since 1992. Having taken over as the owner in 2000, Dan was attracted to Dura because he believes that both companies share the same mission, vision, and values.

Langhofer is very excited about the acquisition. "Joining Dura Software is an honor for me, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside the team to create more value within the company," stated Langhofer. "I look forward to leveraging their expertise, technology toolstack, and best practices to elevate Paperwise in the enterprise space. I'm confident that with Dura's vision, we will be able to accelerate the Paperwise mission."

About Dura Software

Dura Software is an expert in acquiring, owning, and operating "Hyper-Niche" software businesses. Over the coming years, Dura will work to continue to expand by acquiring additional great businesses and by generating sustained profitable growth from business operations. Dura Software is based in San Antonio and operates a portfolio of companies that includes: 6Connex, SecureVideo, dbtech, Lane, DVSAnalytics, Eventory, Moki, Nordic IT, Fenestrae, Revegy, and Vertex Systems. https://www.dura.software/contact-us

About Paperwise

Paperwise is a provider of document management solutions based in Springfield, Missouri. With its innovative and people-centric approach, Paperwise has created its document management platform, Symphony, that can handle a wide range of business-critical capabilities such as forms, intelligent capture, workflow automation, custom solutions, and more. Paperwise's solutions are designed to empower businesses across various industries and departments, making it an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes.

Source: Dura Software