Dreams Come True: FLEXIM 30th Anniversary Surprise

Employees' gift to the founders make long-lasting wishes come true

FLEXIM Trabbi Gift

 "I have a good tent, a good sleeping bag, and a kayak," says Jens Hilpert, one of the four founders and CEO of FLEXIM. This is seemingly all that is needed. So what do you give four company founders for their 30th company anniversary? The FLEXIM team made an unfulfilled wish come true and gave the four shareholders a Trabant 601 S (Trabbi) car.

FLEXIM (Flexible Industriemesstechnik) GmbH was founded in the spring of 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and before German unification. Accordingly, the big birthday party was scheduled for spring 2020, with international guests from all branches worldwide. It had to be postponed, like so many other events, for a well-known reason.

But FLEXIM employees, weren't in the mood to wait. They wanted to gift something special to their founders. On Dec. 8, 2020, they organized a surprise birthday party, in full accordance with coronavirus rules, to present their gift to the four founders of FLEXIM.

"But this is a really nice gift!" stated Jens Hilpert, surprised and excited like a child on Christmas Eve. Most people raised in the east of Germany have their own memories with a Trabbi. Jens recalls his parents owning a light grey one that they would go on special trips with when he was a child. After graduation, he applied for a Trabbi of his own: "I still keep the carbon copy of my order in my personal archives. It dates from March 1980."

Unfortunately, the authorities at the time forgot Jens' application. Then the Wall came down and FLEXIM was founded with three friends in March 1990. Ten years had passed, and Jens still did not own a Trabbi. Now, 30 years after the foundation of FLEXIM and 40 years after his first request for a Trabbi, this dream finally came true. The FLEXIM Team gathered outside the Berlin Headquarters and presented the founders with their very own light blue Trabbi.



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