Dr. Mohamed Althaf, Director of Lulu Group Intl., Awarded 7th CSR Award 2020

Dr. Mohamed Althaf

Dr. Mohamed Althaf, the Director of Lulu Group International, awarded the accolade of the 7th CSR Award in 2020 by the Social Responsibility Committee for the CSR Awards. In the previous year, Dr. Althaf was also a recipient of the Sustainability Award 2019. The retail business director’s benchmark role in incorporating sustainable business practices is a spectacle.

Sustainability is already emerging as an important concern for consumers to which companies must respond, as we have recently seen at events such as the World Retail Congress. Increasing sustainability is one of the biggest challenges for retail companies in the decade. Consumers are paying greater attention to the origin of products, and coincidentally, “zero waste” movements are gaining importance. 87% of consumers state that they would buy products from companies that advocate for social and environmental responsibility, while 76% say they would boycott companies that behave contrary to this.

For retailers, aligning with the “green” trend isn't just smart from a sustainability standpoint. It also makes sense from a business perspective, saving retailers money and making stores more attractive to increasingly environmentally conscious customers.

“Sustainability has long been a cornerstone of the business model of retail companies. Greater efficiency in the use of resources, energy savings, protection of the environment or the fight against waste, to name a few areas of work, are essential to respond to the growing demands of consumers and guarantee the viability of the business in the medium term,” adds Dr. Althaf.

Sustainability in retail begins at the point of production. For example, in the production process, reduced water and energy consumption at all stages is generally adopted. Retailers also try to make production close to the point of sale as possible and optimize freight transport.

The Lulu Group International​ governs its position as one of the biggest retailers, having export and distribution operations in the USA, UK, and European markets. Dr. Althaf also oversees export operations in these markets, citing the priority of sustainability at the helm of each business decision. The Indian business director is an ardent proponent of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. He seeks to drive at the behest of the retail industry’s prospect of sustainability, circularity, health and wellness, and innovation in food technology.

The coveted feat awarded to Dr. Althaf commemorates his instrumental role in developing sustainable goals, which are a key to Lulu Group’s leading position in the retail sector.

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