Dr. Maky Zanganeh Launches Personal Memoir, the Magic of Normal, to Honor February Cancer Survivor Month

Magic of Normal

Dr. Maky Zanganeh, one of the most successful leaders in the healthcare industry, announces the release of her published memoir titled The Magic of Normal, a beautiful narrative that honors cancer survivors worldwide.

"Today is the first day of February, which is cancer survivor awareness month. As a cancer survivor, diagnosed back in 2020, I deeply care and understand about the challenges and difficulties that are faced by cancer patients worldwide," stated Maky Zanganeh.

"When I decided to write this book, I was an intensely busy businesswoman working on a variety of different projects, one more important than the next. All pushing me in various directions. I have always been extremely ambitious, and it is hard for me to prioritize when it comes to dividing my time. The truth is, I finally started writing the book because life forced me to slow down. Fate decided to change things and pace my life to the rhythm of my cancer treatments... And strangely enough at the same time, Covid stepped in and put the world on hold. A space-time dimension occurred where everything was punctuated by Covid ... the different waves in different countries ... in different continents ... waves that alternated between hope and despair."

"I was fortunate to overcome my ordeal with cancer in the middle of the Covid pandemic. And I was equally fortunate to get my vaccine just one year after the Coronavirus emerged. Amazingly, my life was back in order, and I was able to continue my new projects in medical research with even more conviction than ever. So, I dedicate this book that traces my private and professional journey, to all those whose lives have been interrupted and dream of returning to normal one day. I dedicate it to every patient going through the uncertainty and torment of cancer. I want you to know you are not alone. You are shielded with science, innovation and discovery. In front of you lies comradely, courage and hope." A Persian expression states: "In despair hides a great deal of hope and at the end of the darkness of night is daylight."

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Dr. Maky Zanganeh is one of the most successful leaders in the healthcare industry. Dr. Zanganeh is currently the Chief Operating Officer and member of the board at Summit Therapeutics, a company committed to leadership in developing targeted medicinal therapies that harness the power of the microbiome, resolving serious, unmet medical needs for the betterment of overall human health. Dr. Zanganeh is also the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Maky Zanganeh & Associates, a consulting company that provides consulting services to businesses in product development, research, and transactions.

Prior to that, Dr. Zanganeh, as Chief Operating Officer at Pharmacyclics, led a struggling biotech company to a multimillion-dollar collaboration and license deal for ibrutinib with Janssen Biotech Inc. in 2011 and, the subsequent sale of the company for $21 billion dollars in 2015 to AbbVie Inc.- the second-largest biopharma sale ever in the industry. The deal with Janssen Biotech received the award of the "Best Biotech Transaction" in 2011. Under her leadership in 2015, Pharmacyclics was also awarded the prestigious Prix Galien for "Best Pharmaceutical Agent". This award is the biomedical industry's highest accolade and recognizes outstanding achievements in the development of new therapies.

Dr. Zanganeh was President of EMEA / Global VP of Training and Education for Computer Motion, Inc. (Pioneers in Robotic Surgery), which later merged with Intuitive, Inc. (ISRG) in June 2003. Dr. Zanganeh was awarded her DDS (Dental Degree of Surgery) from Louis Pasteur University, France and an MBA from Schiller International University, France. She is fluent in French, German, Farsi, and English. Dr. Zanganeh earned the Fierce Biotech "2013 Top women in biotech" award and the E&Y company "Entrepreneur of the Year" 2013 award. 

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