Dr. Maky Zanganeh is Honored as One of the Top 10 Influential Chief Operating Officers of 2021

Today, Dr. Maky Zanganeh, a recognized leader in the healthcare industry, is honored as one of the Top 10 Influential Chief Operating Officers of 2021. Dr. Zanganeh has led many industry transformations ranging from minimally invasive surgical robotics to a patient-friendly small molecule drug for blood cancer patients. Currently, she is Chief Operating Officer at Summit Therapeutics, a company committed to leadership in resolving serious, unmet medical needs for the betterment of overall human health.

"It is an honor to be recognized for this award. I have had the privilege to work with incredible teams over the years who are committed to making a difference for the betterment of humankind," stated Dr. Zanganeh. "Changing the world, for the better, is a truly adventurous journey. It takes courage to do things that others consider impossible."

This distinguished award is given by Industry Era Review Magazine, which is one of the leading media authorities in technology including sources for transformative tech news and events. 

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To view the article from Industry Era Review Magazine:  Dr. Maky Zanganeh, Chief Operating Officer of Summit Therapeutics, Top 10 Influential COOs of 2021 | Industry Era (industry-era.com) 


Dr. Maky Zanganeh is a recognized leader in the healthcare industry. Dr. Zanganeh is currently the Chief Operating Officer, and member of the board, at Summit Therapeutics, a company committed to leadership in resolving serious, unmet medical needs for the betterment of overall human health. 

Prior to Summit, Dr. Zanganeh, as Chief Operating Officer at Pharmacyclics, led a struggling biotech company to a billion-dollar collaboration and license deal for ibrutinib with Johnson & Johnson in 2011 and the subsequent sale of the company for $21 billion dollars for 50% ownership of ibrutinib in 2015 to AbbVie Inc., which was the second largest biopharma sale ever in the industry at that time. The deal with Janssen Biotech received the award of the "Best Biotech Transaction" in 2011. Under her leadership in 2015, Pharmacyclics was also awarded the prestigious Prix Galien for "Best Pharmaceutical Agent." This award is the biomedical industry's highest accolade and recognizes outstanding achievements in the development of new therapies. 

Dr. Zanganeh is an honored speaker of the United Nations, recently speaking during the closing ceremony during the United Nations February 11 Global Movement held on February 11, 2022. Dr. Zanganeh was President of EMEA / Global VP of Training and Education for Computer Motion, Inc. (Pioneers in Robotic Surgery), which later merged with Intuitive, Inc. (ISRG) company in June 2003. 

Dr. Zanganeh was awarded her DDS (Dental Degree of Surgery) from Louis Pasteur University, France and an MBA from Schiller International University, France. She is fluent in French, German, Farsi, and English. Dr. Zanganeh earned the Fierce Biotech "2013 Top women in biotech" award, and the E&Y company "Entrepreneur of the Year" 2013 award.  She is also a published author, recently releasing her book entitled The Magic of Normal

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