Dr. Alex Capano of Ananda Hemp Featured in USA Today's Sleep and Wellness Campaign

Dr. Oz, Miranda Kerr, Deepak Chopra and Others Share Expertise to Encourage Sleep

Dr. Alex Capano

Dr. Alex Capano, chief science officer of Ananda Hemp, was the only CBD expert interviewed for the March 15, 2019, Sleep and Wellness publication in USA Today. The campaign advocates for the increased awareness of health issues resulting from poor sleep and the healthy habits that can increase sleep quality and well-being. 

Dr. Capano, along with Dr. OzMiranda Kerr and Deepak Chopra shared their expertise in exploring different ways to encourage sleep: from perfecting the sleep environment, practicing yoga and meditation to ease stress and using supplements,​ such as CBD, for holistic health.

According to Capano, CBD can help with stress and anxiety without the risk of addiction and withdrawal by helping the body optimize its endocannabinoid system, which is comprised of receptors that regulate everything from our sleep-wake cycle to our immune system. Taking CBD can help restore lost endocannabinoids, which the body makes on its own to keep our systems in balance.

"CBD is kind of just helping us harness the power of our own bodies better through plants,” says Capano. She adds these effects suggest CBD may make a good alternative to addictive pain relievers and help treat neurodegenerative diseases.

"Learn where your product is coming from, too," says Capano, adding that November 2017 research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that the labels of 70 percent of CBD products sold online are inaccurate. “You’ve got to be a careful and informed consumer." Consumers can help propel efforts for more transparency. “I think that’s on us as consumers to demand it because I think the market will respond if we demand it,” Capano says.

Dr. Alex Capano is the chief science officer at Ananda Hemp and the first person in the United States to receive a doctorate in the field of hemp studies.

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