Ananda Hemp Launches Bliss, a Cannabis-Infused Intimate Oil Created for Every Body

Bliss is the first-and-only cannabis-infused intimate oil formulated by a reproductive medicine and cannabis clinician.

​Ananda Hemp is the first in many things in the hemp industry – the first to change legislation, the first to import genetics and hemp seeds, the first legal hemp farm in the USA and the first in research. Adding to this impressive list of firsts is Bliss, the first-and-only cannabis-infused intimate oil formulated by a reproductive medicine and cannabis clinician.

Dr. Alex Capano, Ananda Hemp's Chief Science Officer, is also a nurse practitioner who focuses on sexual and reproductive medicine. Bliss was created from a marriage of her expertise in medicinal cannabis and sexual health.

"In my clinical practice, I hear from so many patients who are underwhelmed or unfulfilled in their sex lives. I’ve actually even written prescriptions for foreplay," according to Dr. Capano. This complaint is more common in female-bodied patients and often due to dryness or pain.

For male bodies, prescription drugs are available, but they are not safe options for everyone. Folks who have undergone certain medical treatments, such as gender confirmation surgery, are often asking for safe options to enhance sensitivity. Adds Capano, “I wanted to create a natural, effective alternative that could work for all bodies.”

For Capano, cannabinoids became an obvious answer, especially after learning about the abundance of cannabinoid receptors in female reproductive organs. “Sexual dysfunction can stem from multiple causes; one common condition is endometriosis, which affects 167 million people worldwide. Treatment is limited and often invasive. But cannabinoids may be an option to improve pain and sexual function, as cannabinoids have been shown to stop proliferation of endometriosis.”

Bliss is a proprietary blend of full-spectrum hemp extract, essential oils, Theobroma, and L-arginine that elevate the senses and enhances the sexual experience for everyone. 

According to Capano, “When people enjoy sex and are empowered in their sex lives, they lead happier, healthier lives. I want Bliss to help people achieve that. And who knows? With Bliss, I may not have to write prescriptions for foreplay anymore.”

Ananda Hemp’s Give Some to Get Some campaign was created to bring awareness to endometriosis. 10% of proceeds from the Bliss limited release will go to the Endometriosis Foundation of America.

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