Dr. Akikur Mohammad Sees Great Promise in Breakthrough Depression Treatment Using FDA-Approved SPRAVATO™ (Esketamine)

Dr. Mohammad of Inspire Malibu sees remarkable results for people suffering from treatment-resistant depression.

Spravato (Esketamine) Nasal Spray

Dr. Akikur Mohammad, Founder and CEO of Inspire Malibu, an innovative dual diagnosis treatment center in southern California, has already experienced very positive results with his clients suffering from treatment-resistant depression using SPRAVATO™ (esketamine).

The FDA announced the approval of SPRAVATO™ in March 2019, and Dr. Mohammad was one of the first physicians in southern California to be certified to administer it. The initial results are nothing short of remarkable.

SPRAVATO™ (esketamine) CIII nasal spray is the first new breakthrough treatment method for major depressive disorder in over 3 decades. 

According to the National Institutes on Mental Health, approximately 7 percent of the population in the U.S. (17 million+ people) experiences a major depressive episode each year.

Historically, it can take weeks or even months to assess if a traditional treatment method will be effective. Many times, treatment methods will need to be adjusted several times before finding an appropriate one that is successful.

Patients who still suffer symptoms of depression after trial of two different classes of antidepressants prescribed over a significant amount of time, often qualify as “treatment resistant.”

For those patients who qualify, SPRAVATO™ (esketamine) could be the hope they are looking for to get their quality of life back.

Says Dr. Mohammad, "SPRAVATO has only been available for several months, but we are already extremely happy with the initial results we have witnessed so far. Our patients see positive effects most of the time within 24 hours after their first session. It usually takes a minimum of several weeks to notice an improvement with other treatment methods."

SPRAVATO™ (esketamine) is a fast-acting nasal spray administered in a doctor's office on an outpatient basis. It is only available under the care of a medical professional and is not dispensed to patients for home use.

For information about SPRAVATO™ (esketamine) for depression treatment in southern California, call us at 888-343-5949.

About Inspire Malibu

Inspire Malibu was founded by double board-certified Dr. Akikur Reza Mohammad. Dr. Mohammad is an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, and he is the author of "The Anatomy of Addiction" (Random House, 2016). His mission is to provide a place for patients to be properly diagnosed and treated for dual diagnosis issues of addiction combined with mental health issues. Inspire Malibu ensures the success of each client by combining traditional medicine with modern, evidence-based treatment therapies. Each client's program is customized for their needs using a variety of different treatment options, and is dedicated to long-term success through safe and comfortable detox, relapse prevention strategies, and dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders.

Visit www.InspireMalibu.com to learn more about this Joint Commission accredited recovery center in Agoura Hills and Malibu, California.

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