Dovetale Launches Tracking Pixels to Measure Influencer Marketing Performance and E-Commerce Conversion

Dovetale is transforming how marketing teams track influencer marketing performance and ROI

Cart and Page View Tracking Pixels

Dovetale, a website to help marketing teams find and work with social media influencers, announces a new feature to help teams track conversions and ROI.

Influencer marketing is plagued with expensive tools that don’t actually help brand teams save time or money. One of the biggest problems teams are trying to find solutions to is tracking. Savvy marketing teams doing influencer marketing rely on three to four different tools on average to effectively do influencer marketing. Today, the team at Dovetale is bringing one more of them inside of their suite - tracking pixels. Now, teams can quickly and easily create unique pixels for each influencer with different event types to measure page views, cart conversions and more. It’s the first tool of its kind to bring this type of customization and tracking in one place. 

“Our sales process is evolving quickly and customers are demanding more as the market shifts to more performance-driven attribution with creators. Customers are flocking to Dovetale due to our speedy product development and attention to detail when taking a design-first approach to building new features. As the leader in this market, we see Dovetale as the Amazon Web Services for PR and marketing teams - one central database containing all historical data pertaining to the organization's creative relationships,” says John Kalis, Dovetale’s new Head of Global Sales.

Dovetale has grown significantly as a technology-only provider. Many companies in this space continue to devolve to offer agency services, whereas the team at Dovetale embraces their agency ecosystem to provide them more powerful tools to combat the unfocused tech-enabled agencies. “We evaluated over 12 influencer marketing platforms before choosing Dovetale. Since then, we’ve driven incredible results for our clients,” says J.J. Abbott, Creative Director at Premiere Creative, a boutique digital agency based in Millburn, New Jersey. “For all of our clients, we’ve seen an increase in social following by 52% and the Facebook/Instagram revenue attribution lift was 376% higher during the influencer campaigns.”

“As we continue to innovate in this space, our goal is to build technology-first solutions at affordable prices and put the budget back in the hands of the brands and agencies who work tirelessly to execute these campaigns,'' says Matt Schmidt, COO at Dovetale. “Companies shouldn’t have to forfeit a sizable portion of their budgets to platforms in order to efficiently run their marketing campaigns."

Dovetale will be showcasing these new features at a surprise event on Oct. 8, 2019, in Dubai.

About Dovetale 

Dovetale offers the most affordable and powerful relationship tools for creative partnerships. Agencies and brands can utilize Dovetale to prospect, manage, track, build reports and pay social media influencers. Dovetale is backed by Expa, operated by founder Garrett Camp of Stumpleupon and Uber.

Sales Contact
John Kalis​​
Head of Global Sales, Dovetale

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