Dovetale Launches Integration With Shopify to Help Brands Track Influencer Marketing Conversions and Speed Up Process Working With Creators

Dovetale is launching a new app on Shopify App Store to help brands and agencies work with influencers without investing thousands in software

Shopify Tracking

​​Dovetale, Inc. today announced that it has launched an integration and application for Shopify merchants hosting on the platform. These new features will help marketers explore influencer marketing more systematically as they continue to diversify their advertising spend.

Shopify recently passed one million stores hosted using the platform and, as competition in online e-commerce continues to grow, more merchants are seeking smarter ways to acquire customers and retain previous ones. Social media has provided a cost-effective and scalable way to acquire customers for many years but, similarly so, the competition and rising acquisition costs have been prohibitive for many brands. Influencer marketing is a natural fit when marketers are thinking about how to augment their social media acquisition strategy. If done right, it’s cheaper, scalable and extremely effective. That’s why today the team at Dovetale is excited to release more tools to help organize and track influencer marketing processes for merchants.

For many years, companies have gouged merchants with expensive influencer and affiliate marketing software solutions. “We’re really excited to launch a $99/month starter package for Shopify merchants. Our most recent integration is helping many Shopify merchants work with influencers quicker, as well as measure the value of each of these relationships. As time goes on, this cost will continue to go down as well,” says Mike Schmidt, founder, Dovetale. “Our research shows that first-time merchants churn within 40 days if they don’t sell anything. If we can help merchants, especially day-one merchants, sell products more effectively with influencers, they not only stay on Shopify, but they also continue to invest in their entrepreneurial dreams. That’s an amazing thing.”

Community and relationships are at the center of a good influencer marketing strategy. Combined now with Dovetale’s world-leading influencer CRM, Shopify will help accelerate growth significantly. 

“We think that every Shopify store in the world will eventually be using Dovetale,” says Mike Schmidt. “We are going to corner the market by offering the best tools at the most affordable price. When we audited the Shopify App Store, we didn’t see any good influencer solutions for merchants. Nothing that focuses on performance, selection, brand safety and compliance. This is the tip of the iceberg and we have so much more to build.”

About Dovetale 

Dovetale is offering the most affordable and powerful relationships and data tools for creative partnerships. Agencies and brands can utilize Dovetale to prospect, manage, track, build reports and pay social media influencers. Dovetale is backed by Expa, operated by founder Garrett Camp of StumbleUpon and Uber, and was one of the first companies to graduate from Expa Labs. 

Sales Contact
John Kalis​
Head of Global Sales, Dovetale

Source: Dovetale, Inc.