Dovetale Launches 'Pages' to Help Creators, Influencers and Customers Engage With Brands

Dovetale is empowering more brands to create direct to consumer relationships by offering tools for fans to reach out to them.

​​​​Dovetale, Inc. today announced that it has launched “Pages”, a new set of features to help fans, influencers, creators and customers build communities together, as well as apply to work with brands on creative partnerships.

Today, brands spend a lot of time searching and out-bounding new talent, primarily for influencer marketing or creative partnerships. This takes a lot of time and requires a big marketing team to manage all of these relationships/ prospects. However, brands and agencies get inbounds from people looking to collaborate with them all the time. Most commonly via Instagram DM, Twitter DM and email — brands are missing opportunities to work with their most engaged fans. Dovetale Pages aims to solve this inbound process and create a streamlined experience when evaluating the right creative partners.

“One of the most important ways we advance Dovetale’s mission is by helping other businesses realize theirs. Pages is a step forward in helping brands realize that their customers are their influencers,” said Mike Schmidt, Founder, Dovetale. “We are excited to launch this product not only to help brands speed up the process and save time, but also to help them gain more control over their customer data.”

“The combination of Dovetale’s core capabilities and now Pages will really help accelerate growth on the global stage. The digital landscape is plagued by rent-seeking behavior; one example would be brands paying the 'social network tax' to reach consumers. We believe in a distributed creator economy in which every company in the world will have a Dovetale Page. This new marketing channel will be accelerated by Dovetale,” said John Kalis, Head of Global Sales, Dovetale. “We remain committed to our promise that customer satisfaction will be at the forefront of our sales strategy and that we will continue to think differently about this rapidly changing ecosystem.”

Dovetale Pages represents a shift in how marketers are executing influencer marketing campaigns and creative partnerships on all levels. Companies like Glossier, Revolve, Away and Hims treat their customers as influencers. Influencer marketing is still a rapidly growing channel, however, in the traditional transaction model, it is actually shrinking. The future growth of influencer marketing depends on how quickly individual brands can merge their customer experiences and awareness goals. Data also becomes critical in the evolution of influencer marketing. Brands should have more control over their customer, fan and influencer data. Simultaneously so should fans, customers and influencers. Pages will help build this future.

About Dovetale 

Dovetale builds online tools to help brands build creative communities of fans, influencers, creators and customers. Dovetale is backed by Garrett Camp, Naveen Selvadurai and Expa Capital.

Sales Contact

John Kalis
Head of Global Sales, Dovetale

Source: Dovetale, Inc.