Doreen Taylor's Music Video "Judgment Day" Worldwide Release Delayed By Natural Disaster

The worldwide release of country singer and songwriter, Doreen Taylor's epic video "Judgment Day" was forced to be delayed one week due to Hurricane Sandy

Is Doreen Taylor's new music video "Judgment Day" cursed or perhaps just a self-fulfilling prophecy of things to come? Some people are starting to think so. The epic music video shot by director Nayip Ramos has been plagued by intense ups and downs since its filming in late June in Los Angeles/Hollywood. With numerous delays, technical issues, a soggy and wet (yet very successful) red carpet premiere held at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA on October 11, 2012 and now Hurricane Sandy (a superstorm of biblical proportions that pummeled the east coast and Doreen's hometown in New Jersey) scheduled to make landfall the exact date it was to be released worldwide, it seems that there may be some divine intervention keeping the video from being unleashed .

"Judgment Day" graphically depicts the end of days with numerous references to how the world will end (capitalizing on the tone of the Mayan December 21, 2012 end of the world scare) and the Doreen Taylor's song "Judgment Day" from her debut solo country album "Magic" even states: "I've seen hurricanes and floods, murders and despair. Perhaps it's just his way of telling us 'BEWARE'!"

Some people are starting to jump on this "end of the world" train and speculate that perhaps there is a deeper meaning to Doreen's video and song. With all the drama surrounding its release, it is hard to ignore the signs. However, even if you don't buy into the creepy connection, the song and video are not only about the end of the world, but also provide a positive message about the good of humanity, uniting us as one to help fight to fix things before they are too late. Regardless, it is just a great song with an even better video that we are looking forward to being released (barring any more natural disasters).

Doreen Taylor's music video "Judgment Day" has been rescheduled to debut and will be found exclusively on on Monday, November 5, 2012. The worldwide release will be on Tuesday, November 6th on and


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