Don't Federalize Medical Malpractice Reform

Should the federal government impose one nationwide standard for medical malpractice? Or does that weaken states' authority?

The House is expected to consider HR 1215 (medical malpractice reform) next week.

Let Freedom Ring sent a letter in opposition to the federalization of tort reform to House leadership today.

Federalism is the true source of American exceptionalism. A big part of the brilliance of the Founders was to see that "out of many, one" meant that "out of the many" states and regions could come a multiplicity of innovative ideas and solutions to their diverse challenges. We were able to become a united nation because sovereign states were allowed to retain the flexibility to forward local solutions to local problems — we became a great nation because we were not only able to generate so many great ideas, but also to test which ones worked.

Any watering down of this source of innovation, especially for the sake of ‘unified’ solutions, in turn, dilutes the amazing power of the principle of federalism. Which is why creeping attempts to federalize tort law, especially in the area of malpractice, are so dangerous: In strengthening the federal government to impose one nationwide standard or answer, it further weakens the ability of states and local governments to devise the right solutions for their region and to innovate answers that ultimately benefit all of us.

Read the letter here:

Source: Let Freedom Ring