Domain.Me Partnership With WhatsApp Connects More People With Businesses and Organizations

Integration of WhatsApp's link enables easy, convenient communication between users

WhatsApp’s link, a new feature launched by Facebook-owned WhatsApp on a premium domain provided by Domain.ME is transforming WhatsApp for individual users and businesses alike. The integration of the new link allows WhatsApp’s more than one billion active users to quickly open a chat, providing fast, reliable communication at an easy-to-remember webpage.

WhatsApp, primarily used as a tool for communication with friends and family, is experiencing an increase in the number of businesses capitalizing on the service as a means of interacting with customers. The domain can be used by all users, following the format number). Similar to Facebook’s integration of and Messenger’s, the new, shortened link allows simplified user communication.

“WhatsApp is a private messaging app used by more than 1 billion people to stay in touch with family and friends. We are building new ways for people to use WhatsApp to communicate with businesses and organizations that they want to hear from. We chose ”” to be the URL for brands because it’s short and memorable, and will help WhatsApp connect more people with businesses and organizations they care about,” said Carl Woog, spokesman for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp decided on a .ME premium domain for the link integration due to Domain.ME’s proven success building long-standing brands.

“We’re excited to play an influential part in making it easier for people and businesses to stay connected via social messaging,” said Predrag Lesic, CEO of Domain.ME. “Domain.ME’s partnership with WhatsApp is yet another confirmation that .ME domains are ideal for conveying a compelling call-to-action and continue to be the number one choice for high-profile messenger apps that want to deliver a clear, concise message via short URL.”

About Domain.ME: .ME is a leading provider of personal online domains. With more than 900,000 domains currently registered worldwide, Domain.ME gives users the opportunity to manage their online identity while standing out from the crowd. Online users can quickly and easily register for a .ME domain by visiting Domain.ME.

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