Dolphin Trust GmbH Appoints Ed. Züblin AG to Lead Their Construction Projects

Charles Smethurst

Hannover based Dolphin Trust GbmH, who focus their work on German Listed Building renovation and development across some of the major cities in Germany, have announced the signing of a new agreement with Zublin AG, Northern Management (Zublin).

Having worked on many substantial building projects, in cities such as Berlin, Leipzig, Augsburg and Mainz, Dolphin Trust GmbH have become well recognised and respected for bringing unused and often derelict German buildings back to use as residential dwellings. This is making a positive contribution towards addressing the residential housing shortage that is becoming increasingly evident in many German cities.

Dolphin Trust has enjoyed significant growth across the last five years and the signing of the agreement with Zublin further underlines the Company's intentions and ambitions to be regarded as the undisputed leader in the niche area of German Listed Building renovation and development.

With Headquarters located in Stuttgart, Zublin is widely recognised across Europe as Germany's premier construction company.  Since its founding by Swiss engineer Eduard Züblin in 1898, the company has gained a reputation for innovation, intelligent designs, and advanced manufacturing methods. Züblin employs approximately 14,000 people.

Commenting on the agreement, Charles Smethurst, the CEO of Dolphin Trust GmbH said:

“We were attracted to Züblin because they possess all of the skills and attributes to deliver the myriad of construction requirements that are demanded by the profile of projects that we undertake. Zublin has an internal planning department which will further assist with the essential discipline of planning and construction efficiency. This will contribute greatly to cost effective building design that can help speed up the construction process.

The partnership with Züblin will also allow DolphinTrust to significantly increase the size of development sites. This will facilitate our transition towards projects in the range of 100-500 apartment units.”


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Source: Dolphin Trust GmbH

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