Dolna Art Retreats - A Haven for Artists

Off sites conducted by Dolna offers stimulating environments for artist to engage and collaborate

 February saw Mithu Basu, Founder Dolna and her team bring together six ace artists- Subodh Poddar, Dr. Sudhir Deshpande, Prakash Bal Joshi, Kisalay Vora, Vartan, and Kumari, from different genres for a three day Art Retreat in Nashik beginning 23rd February 2015. The retreat hosted at the Express Inn was designed in an innovative and engaging manner to enhance the experiences of artists. It gave them the opportunity to share their ideas, perspectives and to create art away from their studios that are confined to the city and in the scenic landscapes of Igatpuri, Panchavati, Trimbakeshwar and Nashik.

Mithu Basu, Founder Dolna and an artist herself believes, “Travel, exposure, think tanks, and interactions in conducive environments are necessary for the growth and evolvement of artists across genres. Our Art Retreats are an endeavour in this direction.” … “Express Inn though a busy business hotel and Mr. Darryl Blankley the Corporate General Manager shared the same sensitivity for artists and offered the best possible atmosphere for creativity to flow.”

“Dolna, when is the next?” asked the artists who found this experience most exhilarating. 

Dolna’s vision is to position art as relevant and integral to mainstream life and a viable career option for artists. "All I want is to give an impetus to the artist who sits on my swing to fly high, like on a Dolna - the swing” said Mithu Basu Founder Dolna when conceptualising her company. Besides a global online gallery for contemporary art, Dolna mobilises exposure and creates environments for artists to travel, flourish and grow. For the movement to gain momentum, support from corporates, institutions and individuals is the crux. In a world yet to feed and educate its entire people, supporting art may seem an indulgence and yet people who matter know that art is crucial for development as individuals and as a country. The sustainability lifeline of such a vision is patronage.

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