Dolna Art Retreat Artists Explore Gods Own Country

Dolna,'the movement' is a unique initiative that will collaborate to create global platforms for artists to travel and express distinct perspectives thus adding new dimensions to existing locales while promoting the universal language of art.

Kerala as any visitor would tell you is a land hand painted by the Gods. The Kochi-Muziris Biennale (KMB) had extended the destination to make it an artist’s hotspot. All this and more compelled Mithu Basu, Founder Dolna to take to Kerala its signature programme- ‘Dolna Art Retreats’. Six ace artists- Ami Patel, Swaroop Biswas, Bharati Pitre, Madhavi Kolte, Praveen Kumar and Nilesh Vede, of diverse genres from across India were brought together for a five day Art Retreat hosted by The Zuri Kumarakom Kerala Resort & Spa.

The picturesque drive from the Kochi International Airport to Kumarakom culminated with the warm hospitality and pristine beauty of a verdant green landscape. Sprawled across eighteen acres, cradled by a lagoon and the brimming Vembernad lake, The Zuri, an artists haven, had the artists waiting with excitement for the Retreat to unfold.

Experiencing the Kochi- Muziris Biennale as guest of the President- Bose Krishnamachari, left the artists shaken and stirred. “Awesome and astounding was the experience and the artist community bows to its founders for creating an iconic property in the space of art.” Says the Dolna team of artists

 “The art was art far beyond the horizons of the accepted connotation of art here in India. It was collaborative, innovative with fusions of many streams like aesthetics, technology, and conceptual thinking that came together to redefine art. It is an experience that will leave artists with a myriad thoughts, probings, and inward journeys into their own realms to decipher the new course of art.” Believes Mithu Basu.Founder Dolna 

"As a Hospitality Group we are patrons of art and share the passion of Dolna in encouraging art and artists. It is our pleasure to support this unique art initiative" said Sarat Valsraj, the General Manager of the Zuri Kumarakom Resort & Spa, Kerala

About Dolna:

Dolna’s vision is to position art as relevant and integral to mainstream life and a viable career option for artists. "All I want is to give an impetus to the artist who sits on my swing to fly high, like on a Dolna - the swing” said Mithu Basu Founder Dolna when conceptualising her company. Besides a global online gallery for contemporary art, Dolna mobilises exposure and creates environments for artists to travel, flourish and grow. For the movement to gain momentum, support from corporates, institutions and individuals is the crux. In a world yet to feed and educate its entire people, supporting art may seem an indulgence and yet people who matter know that art is crucial for development as individuals and as a country. The sustainability lifeline of such a vision is patronage.


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