"Doggie Rims": Provide Impenetrable Barrier to Crawling Insects

​Attention dog lovers and dog owners. In a perfect world, a dog’s food dish would always be clean and contain fresh and clean food free of insects. However, that can be difficult, particularly when the dish is outside on a patio or deck.  The Doggie Rims is a specially designed pet feeding and watering station that utilizes water in a “moat” effect thus providing the food and drinking water with a protective barrier or “rim,” against pesky ants and other crawling insects. The design intent is meant to protect a pet and a pet’s food and water from an insect invasion by using water as a barrier.

Fabricated of a durable molded plastic material and offered as a one-piece unit, the standard model of the Doggie Rims is rectangular, measuring approximately three inches 3” H x 6” W x 2½” in depth. The Doggie Rims unit consists of centrally positioned food and water receptacles on top of a base plate. Unique to the Doggie Rims and what sets this product apart from typical feeding systems is the “moat,” or “rim.” The base plate is surrounded by a recessed channel that lends the surrounding “walls” a depth of one square inch. A handy, triangular pour spout is provided to facilitate easy, no-mess disposal. Doggie Rims eliminate the need to continually change out food that has attracted ants and thus reduces food costs and allows the pet clean food free of crawling insects. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Doggie Rims.
The Patent Pending Doggie Rims was invented by Deleon Luna of Hesperia, CA who said, “Fresh and clean food and water for a pet is the duty and responsibility of an owner.  My dog’s bowl attracted fire ants so I put it into a pot full of water and found that it was effective. That prompted the Doggie Rims design. Best of all, It works perfectly.”

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