Dog and Cat Fur Used for Toys and Clothes in China New Investigation by Animal Equality Reveals

New investigation from the international animal protection organization Animal Equality shows the cruelty behind the killing of dogs and cats used for their fur in China.

Animal Equality presents its fourth investigation on the killing of dogs and cats in China. This new investigation is part of the international campaign “Voiceless friends”, which has already managed to gather more than 500,000 signatures against this cruel trade.

Video footage:

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With the aid of local activists and for over 3 weeks, Animal Equality’s investigators infiltrated the Chinese dog and cat fur industry in the provinces of Guangdong and Shandong.

Images taken by Animal Equality exposed:

• Dealers selling carpets made from dog and cat fur – some of them made from up to 9 or more animals – and a store that sells children’s clothing made from cat fur.

•  Dogs and cats crammed into small metal cages.

• Animals whose bones are broken when they are thrown from the top of the transportation trucks on their way to slaughter.  

• Dogs being severely beaten with sticks on the head.

• Dogs regaining consciousness while being stabbed at the slaughterhouse.

• Animals being killed while wearing collars given to them by their families.

It is estimated that more than 10 million dogs are killed each year for their meat or fur in China. Most of these animals were caught in the streets; others are bred in illegal farms or even kidnapped and separated from their homes.

The United States has already banned the sale of dog and cat fur but it has been found that dog fur may be still slipping into the country on unlabeled and falsely advertised clothing.

This is the fourth investigation Animal Equality presents on the dog and cat trade in China and it is part of its international campaign Voiceless friends. As part of this campaign Animal Equality has collected 500,000 signatures and managed to close 33 dog meat businesses in the “Three Dali Birds” market in the city of Foshan and a slaughterhouse.  ​

Animal Equality is an international animal advocacy organization that is dedicated to defending all animals through public education, campaigns and investigations. The organizations works to create a more just and compassionate world for animals and is currently active in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela and India.

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