Do-It-Yourself Information Technology Leader Capitalizes on Robust IT Jobs Report

The at-home and learn-on-the-go IT solutions provided by ITProTV are proving to be vital for IT workers in our rebounding economy.


​The data is in and it’s encouraging. While the overall August jobs report released earlier this month may have underperformed overall relative to Wall Street expectations — analysts were predicting 180,000 nonfarm jobs versus the 151,000 that were created — the information technology sector enjoyed robust growth.

According to an analysis by CompTIA, the nonprofit association of the tech industry, the IT sector added 4,800 jobs in August. That brings the total to about 4.4 million people employed in the industry. So far the IT industry has added 54,100 jobs for the year and is on pace for 3.1 percent annual growth, similar to 2015.

"I'm encouraged by the August IT jobs data and anticipate the industry is poised for significant growth. And ITProTV can and should be a partner in helping these companies deliver high-quality IT services at an affordable price."

Tim Broom, CEO of ITProTV

The encouraging IT news, combined with a less than superior overall jobs report suggests that caution remains in full force when it comes to hiring. That means employers looking to onboard IT professionals, either on a full-time or part-time basis, aren’t looking to break the bank.

Considering the degree to which information technology services infiltrates all sectors of the U.S. economy, ITProTV is the ideal vehicle to bring affordability and scalability to these operations. ITProTV accomplishes this feat by promoting the learn-at-home/learn-on-the-go IT model. How it works is simple. Small businesses can have their IT professionals participate in training with ITProTV and generate big-business-budget results, on a small-business budget.

“ITProTV blends entertainment, humor, and cutting-edge technology with IT education and presents it all during a live broadcast,” said Tim Broom, ITProTV’s CEO. “The shows are then organized by exam and exam objective or by technical skill. Considering the breakneck speeds with which technology changes every day, a solid in-house or out-sourced IT team is essential. The on-the-go model we provide helps IT professionals continually learn so that they can stay up to date with the latest IT advancements. With the most relevant training available, ITProTV helps IT professionals advance their careers.”

In addition to the company’s live tutorial broadcasts, ITProTV also offers a variety of free courses to help employers and employees decide whether ITProTV is the right fit for them. Free courses range in length from as little as 60 minutes to as long as 19 hours and include topics like:

  • The fundamentals of IT and mobile IT
  • IC3 computing fundamentals
  • Online concepts such as Wi-Fi, email, web browsers, and how to utilize them
  • Digital ethics
  • And more

For a more brand-focused approach, upper-level subscription-based courses include teachings on: Apple, Amazon, Cisco, CompTia, EC Council, ISACA, (ISC)2, Microsoft, VMware, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Regardless of which path prospective users choose, course flexibility is key. Students can start back up wherever they leave off and live-stream the latest programs. And for customers who are uncertain of their long-term commitment, a basic account lets members sample course content and watch daily sessions at no cost.

“In today’s fast-paced, tech-savvy world, there’s no getting around the fact that businesses of all sizes rely heavily on their IT staff. Whether it’s to troubleshoot a problem, upgrade software, manage and secure data, or assist other staff members with day-to-day IT needs, your typical IT professional must wear many hats,” Broom added. “I’m encouraged by the August IT jobs data and anticipate the industry is poised for significant growth. And ITProTV can and should be a partner in helping these companies deliver high-quality IT services at an affordable price.”

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About ITProTV

ITProTV provides the connection for self-study users and the real world experience that career IT people need to be successful. Because our shows are available Live everyday our content portfolio stays fresh and current. We are always covering the

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