DIY Information Technology Training Leader Launches Apple TV App

ITProTV Expands IT Training Availability to Include Major Streaming Media Platform


The start of a new year often inspires people to better themselves, and that includes in the professional sphere. Employees looking to get ahead or switch jobs turn to training to give them the leg up on the competition. Especially in the information technology sector, already tech-savvy staff members are quickly taking advantage of the newest training offerings that best contribute to career success.

ITProTV, a Gainesville-based company that specializes in the production and multi-platform delivery of specialized instructional content videos for the IT sector, recognizes this growing need for instant content accessibility, seamlessly delivered. That’s why the company is pleased to announce that its instructional streaming videos will now be available on the latest version of Apple TV.

"ITProTV's Apple TV launch represents the next-step in our continued growth as a company and our ongoing desire to bring affordable IT training solutions to small and medium-sized businesses and individuals looking to improve their career outlook."

Tim Broom, CEO of ITProTV

Apple TV is among the more popular of the so-called digital media players, accounting for nearly 20 percent of sales (with Roku, Google, and Amazon rounding out the top four). ITProTV is capitalizing on this popularity and expanding the ability of IT professionals to stream high-quality instructional videos on an array of engaging and timely topics.

“ITProTV’s Apple TV launch represents the next-step in our continued growth as a company and our ongoing desire to bring affordable IT training solutions to small and medium-sized businesses and individuals looking to improve their career outlook,” says Tim Broom, ITProTV’s CEO. “With Apple TV connectivity IT professionals will have another option for watching live streaming content on a variety of subjects — some of which will be new for 2017.”

The way ITProTV works is simple. ITProTV blends entertainment, humor, and cutting-edge technology with IT education and presents it all during live broadcasts of varying lengths, which are accessible via the web on desktops and laptop, apps on iOS and Android mobile devices, and now through TVs connected to Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV. The shows are organized by exam and exam objective or by technical skill.

Training programing is available on a variety of platforms to help IT professionals learn no matter their current location so that they can stay up-to-date with the latest IT advancements. With the most relevant training available, ITProTV helps IT professionals advance their careers.

In order to use the new Apple TV service users must download the free ITProTV app and activate it using their existing premium member login credentials. Nonmembers can sign up online and select either monthly or annual billing.

In addition to existing courses like CISSP, CCNA, and CCNP, upcoming notable programs through the end of 2016 include:

·         Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI), with guest Adam Gordon

·         System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), with guest Adam Gordon

·         Private Cloud, with guest Adam Gordon

·         CyberSecurity Analyst+, based on the brand-new certification from CompTIA

·         Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Test Prep/Lean Agile Project Management, with guest Dr. Terra Vanzant-Stern

“In view of the fact that consumers largely watch content through streaming options — especially on their televisions — joining Apple TVs list of streaming products is essential for our brand,” Broom adds. “Our subscribers often find our training content so entertaining that they look forward to relaxing on the couch at home while they watch courses, rather than watching from their office. I’m confident services like Apple TV represent the future of content viewing and I look forward to working with Apple Inc. in diversifying our service offerings in forthcoming updates.”  

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ITProTV provides the connection for self-study users and the real world experience that career IT people need to be successful. Because our shows are available Live everyday our content portfolio stays fresh and current. We are always covering the