"DLS Animal Collars": A Line of Attractive Pet Collars Outfitted With an Integrally Attached, Clear Display Window for Pet ID License Tags

Invents unveils the "DLS Animal Collars" which allows a found dog to be identified quickly when using the ID secure in the collar tag.

​Dogs are truly man’s best friend and they are energetic and fast-moving, sometimes to their detriment. One way to be absolutely certain our beloved animal doesn’t get loose and lost forever is to use this new product, the DLS Animal Collars.  The DLS Animal Collars is a line of attractive pet collars outfitted with an integrally attached, clear display window for pet ID license tags.  The design intent is to provide pet owners with a more efficient, protective and durable means of securing these tags so that they remain in place and intact at all times, unlike the commonly used suspension method that causes tags to be easily lost.

The DLS Animal Collars look like a standard pet collar and is fashioned from leather, cloth or pliable plastic materials and secured via a buckle system. The collars are available in small, medium and large to accommodate any breed or stature of a pet. They are offered in a vast array of colors and styles to appeal to individual tastes. What makes this collar unique is the tag display method - positioned flush on the center of the collar itself is a slot leading into a pocket fronted by a clear polycarbonate window that is tamper resistant and will not scratch or crack.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the DLS Animal Collars.
The Patent Pending DLS Animal Collars was invented by Lisa Voll and Daniel Stogden of Brea, CA. Lisa said, “Our love for animals and my position as an animal control service representative helped both of us recognize a real need for a beloved pet’s accurate identification. The DLS Animal Collar ensures that ID pet tags will never be lost because it eliminates the hassles of lost tags and also reduces the number of replacement tag requests. But, best of all, it alleviates the risk that a pet will never be returned to the owner. Peace of mind is the key component knowing that wandering, cherished companions are returned home safely when the DLS Animal Collar is in use. It works.”

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