DKLTJU Enthralls at New York Fashion Week, Taking Children's Wear to Exciting New Vistas

Chinese origin children's wear fashion brand DKLTJU created a splash on its debut at the New York Fashion Week.

As one of the big four, the New York Fashion Week garners global attention as designers clamor to showcase their collections on its hallowed catwalks. Among Chinese designer brands, fantasy and fairy tale inspired children's wear brand DKLTJU was one of the most noteworthy debuts to catch attention and create a stir on the international stage.

The brand's well-received debut at NYFW has become an unforgettable memory for the founder of DKLTJU, Ms. Wen Xihu. Beaming with joy, she said, "It is a new adventure for us to present our collection at NYFW, to be recognized by the world. The globalization of Chinese fashion brands has a long way to go. We hope DKLTJU will go reach new heights in the children's wear market."

In the debut themed "Rong," meaning "blend in" in English, DKLTJU presented three brilliant sets with different stylistic interpretations of its design philosophy.

The black and white set blends elements of cheongsam into the design, blending together a neat and classic look. The upper part of the dresses incorporate cheongsam collar and shoulder designs decorated with exquisite white, three-dimensional floral patterns. The lower part uses various types of pendulums: lotus-shaped irregular hem, short front long back or gorgeous three-dimensional lantern hems. The black mesh fit in nicely with the black beads. The exquisitely handcrafted Chinese button knots on the cheongsam collar are the defining finishing touch of this set. The silhouettes of the dresses combine Chinese and western characteristics perfectly, noble and stylish, mysterious yet elegant.

The white and pink set is inspired by romantic fantasy. The combination of tulle and lace makes the dresses look sweet, breezy and luxuriantly comfortable. The dresses are gracefully decorated with three-dimensional flowers, beads and crystals. On the runway, they evoked fantastical images of prancing youthful fairy princesses to the mesmerized audiences.

The third set blends classic Chinese embroidery with the silhouette of western evening gowns. It not only embodies the theme of blending in but also applies trending elements into children's wear design, establishing a brilliant way to extend the tradition by incorporation into contemporary fashion for youngsters.

The Chinese embroidery evokes the regal atmosphere of the ancient Chinese palace, the Peony blossom harking people back to the glorious past. The exquisite interweaving of Chinese and Western cultures, collision of the classical and the modern further highlights DKLTJU's thematic inspirations, ending up being nothing short of an embodiment of vision, tradition and passion.

DKLTJU's debut has dispelled the short-lived notion that Chinese children's wear brands lack brand image and clear targets in the market. DKLTJU designers Zhou Lila and Shao Gang are no stranger to bold creative risks. They realized a challenging  cultural concoction in their debut, perfectly combining characteristics of Chinese cultural elements and Western design language. The elegant, gorgeous dresses speak much of the Chinese designers' creativity and unique insights. Their work further enhances the DKLTJU brand value and recognition.

Actively promoting the richness of Chinese culture through designing phenomenal children's wear, the future holds great things for DKLTJU.

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