DIY Carports Offer a Budget-Friendly Solution for Keeping Cars Protected From the Elements

For homeowners wanting to keep their car protected from the elements, a DIY carport offers a budget-friendly and space maximising solution.

Online Patios

According to Online Patios, provider of DIY carport kits, protecting a car from the elements can be a hassle for those who don't have a garage on their property. Wind, rain, sun, tree sap, bird droppings and debris can take a toll on vehicles, damaging and corroding paintwork and possibly cracking windshields or causing more expensive damage. 

Keeping a vehicle undercover will typically keep it in better condition in the long run as opposed to parking in a driveway or on the street. In the event of hail or falling tree branches in large storms, parking under cover will help to protect the vehicle from expensive damages. As Online Patios explains, protecting a car from the elements will also help to retain its value. Parking under a carport will help to keep the paintwork and interiors from fading in the sun and in the warmer climates experienced in Queensland, it can also help to keep the internal temperature of the car lower or save time on frosty mornings in winter.

A partially covered structure with a roof and open sides, carports come in a variety of designs and can completely transform an outdoor space. They can either attach to a home, garage or other building or be freestanding. For those who already have a garage but need additional room, a carport is a great option, says Online Patios. 

While the cost of building a carport will vary, one of the most budget-friendly solutions is a DIY carport kit, like those offered by Online Patios. For over 25 years, Online Patios has been one of the most respected suppliers of online patios and carports in South East Queensland. 

Providing the highest quality carport kit Brisbane-wide, the Online Patios team can organise and deliver products to help homeowners create the ideal outdoor setting for their home. Easy to construct, orders come with a full DIY guide to building the carport, explains Online Patios. 

The DIY carport kits can be conveniently ordered online and shipped directly to a customer's home. 

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Source: Online Patios