Dixie Belle Paint Company Announces 'Paint it Pink' Campaign

A Brushstroke of Hope in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

'Paint it Pink' — Chalk-Painted Side Table

Dixie Belle Paint Company, a distinguished manufacturer known for its innovative chalk paint products as well as other DIY products, proudly announces its latest initiative: the "Paint it Pink" campaign. This campaign signifies a commitment to supporting breast cancer research and awareness.

What is 'Paint it Pink'?

For those unfamiliar with chalk paint or Dixie Belle Paint Company, it offers a versatile and user-friendly paint that transforms furniture from ordinary to extraordinary. Chalk paint has been a cornerstone in countless DIY makeovers and home transformations. Dixie Belle Paint Company serves as a primary source for all chalk paint and crafting needs.

Why 'Paint it Pink'?

The "Paint it Pink" campaign is a heartfelt effort to contribute to breast cancer research and awareness. For each pot of pink paint sold, a donation of 50 cents will be made to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Additionally, all profits from the sale of the exquisite "Flowers for a Cause" rice decoupage paper will also support this crucial cause.

Breast cancer affects millions of lives globally, and together, there is an aim to make a meaningful impact. The pink paint symbolizes hope, strength, and unity. With everyone's support, work is underway towards a world where breast cancer is a thing of the past.

Why Choose Dixie Belle Paint Company?

At Dixie Belle, it goes beyond being a paint company; it is a community of artisans, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts. Collaboration occurs with over 2,000 mom-and-pop boutiques worldwide, assisting them with high-quality products. The mission is to empower individuals to bring creative visions to life, one brushstroke at a time.

From refreshing kitchen cabinets to crafting beautiful holiday decorations, comprehensive solutions are offered for all painting and crafting requirements. With fall and the holiday season approaching, now is the perfect time to explore the world of DIY and give homes a fresh, vibrant makeover.

Whether one is a seasoned professional or a newcomer eager to explore chalk paint, Dixie Belle Paint Company stands ready to offer guidance, inspiration, and support in the fight against breast cancer.

How to Get Involved

Visit the website at https://dixiebellepaint.com/ or the local Dixie Belle Paint boutique at https://dixiebellepaint.com/find-a-dixie-belle-paint-retailer/ to explore the wide range of chalk paints, decoupage papers, and crafting supplies. Select the "Paint it Pink" pink paint or the "Flowers for a Cause" rice decoupage paper to contribute directly to breast cancer research. Share pink-painted projects on social media using the hashtags #DBPGivesBack or #DixieBellePaint to help raise awareness.

Together, work is underway towards a world without breast cancer, one brushstroke at a time. The "Paint it Pink" campaign is where creativity meets compassion, and every stroke counts.

Source: Dixie Belle Paint Company

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