"Diva Dogs": A Line of Cuddly Toy Dogs

Invents Company unveils "Diva Dogs": delightful items that warm the hearts of dog lovers, children and collectors.

Dog lovers alert! Diva means many things to different people but usually signifies success, attractiveness, fashion and importance,  the new Diva Dogs fulfills each of those adjectives. Diva Dogs is a line of cuddly toy dogs, each boasting a “diva” attitude, “diva” clothing and “diva” accessory items. The intent of this design is to provide children of all ages with a unique, charming, fun, and lighthearted plaything which is also a collectible. The Diva Dogs line will sell additional clothing and accessories separately, as well as temporary tattoos, t-shirts, feeding dishes, and more featuring the Diva Dogs' fanciful logo.

Diva Dogs are special collectibles for anyone but especially for those who love dogs. Diva Dogs are classy and beautiful and the Diva Dogs logo is the perfect look for perfect items. The line creates toys for children that are similar to the looks prescribed to by the Barbie Doll®. Diva Dogs are soft and huggable and beautiful. Diva Dogs have whimsical bodies and portray an attractive and charming characterization of a dog. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Diva Dogs
The Patent Pending Diva Dogs line of products were developed by Kathleen Kinley and David Kinley of Garden Grove, CA who said, “Diva Dogs will be cherished by all and the accessories – even temporary tattoos – make for fun time for children and adults. The Barbie style accessories are great for anyone who enjoys creative play and Diva Dogs offer unconditional love and provide a smiling face when most needed.”

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