Disctopia Launches Video Podcast Feature for All-in-One Creator Experience

The platform is introducing the service to offer a broader range of media options for podcasters amidst the high demand for visual content.

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Disctopia, a podcast hosting and streaming service for independent creators, today announces its brand new video podcast feature. This latest addition to the platform allows users to upload podcast videos and automatically add them to their Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed, thus creating an all-in-one podcast creator experience.

Not only does Disctopia enable creators to host their podcast video on the platform, but it also allows them to sync the audio automatically to their RSS feed. Like with regular audio podcasts, Disctopia then shares the creator's video podcast to all podcast listening apps and directories.

Creators can elevate their content and treat audiences to video podcasts via the same easy steps as uploading a standard audio podcast on their Disctopia account. The feature is straightforward, and no software installation is needed. The company simplified the process to make video podcasting both easy for newbies and faster for professionals.

Video podcasters on the Disctopia platform will also be able to leverage True Play, Disctopia's deep reporting and analytics. This will offer video-specific analytics to creators, including listener location, the daily number of listeners, daily downloads, engagement, and much more.

"We want to bring podcasters closer to their audience and offer a higher level of engagement," says Patrick Hill, the founder of Disctopia. "Through video podcasting, podcast audience can visualize the hosts and their guests. Most importantly, we are helping our creators deep dive into a new demographic of listeners and viewers."

Disctopia highlights the importance of video podcasting in helping creators reach a new audience. This is why it is taking the step to help its creators make the migration easy by providing them with a platform to host and share their podcast videos. Trends suggest that video podcasting is the future of podcasting, and Disctopia empowers podcasters to have a strategy that allows them to stay relevant in the long run.

About the company

Disctopia operates from Charlotte, North Carolina, as a streaming platform dedicated to delivering indie content from creatives to fans globally through the Disctopia App. It's on a mission to revolutionize the independent creators' industry by allowing fans to fuel the culture. We are reimagining content streaming by providing access to content from indie creatives. Ultimately, Disctopia aims to build a future where every content creator is given a fair chance to succeed.

For more information about Disctopia, visit www.disctopia.com and follow Disctopia on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


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About Disctopia

Disctopia is a music streaming platform and podcast hosting company dedicated to curated artists, podcasters, and content creators, providing enterprise content delivery as well as over 50 integrations.

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