Disctopia Launches New Dashboard Tailored to Needs of Independent Creatives

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Disctopia today announces the launch of a brand-new dashboard to help creators in the music industry effectively upload podcasts and music and sell merchandise in one cohesive location. This new dashboard will perform deep reporting and analytics for musicians and podcasters, all while making their creative content easily accessible through a streamlined user interface.

With the capacity for users to manage their content in new ways, this intuitive platform will help to reduce time and effort needed to promote audio content. The new dashboard will allow creatives to access a patent-pending system that accurately calculates streams and downloads based on the all-encompassing participation of the listener, known as the Disctopia "True Play" metric. Other applied metrics include total plays in a time period, geographic locations of streams and user engagement retention, alongside the basics such as daily listeners. 

Creatives can explore all these metrics through the tailored dashboard to understand listener engagement and create pertinent marketing strategies. 

Creatives can upload podcasts and music directly onto Disctopia's platform and then distribute further to popular streaming networks such as Spotify and Apple. This newly refurbished outlet will enable creatives in the music industry to build their individual brands via an ad-free, commission-free platform.

On the other hand, Disctopia's "explore page" makes it even easier for fans to know what their favorite artists are up to — presenting a landing page where music and podcasts are displayed when first uploaded by artists. Encouraging the delivery of various kinds of media to listeners far and wide, interested parties can access everything an artist has to offer with one single subscription, which only requires them to pay a single flat fee. 

"The new dashboard is intended to improve the user experience of Disctopia creative users while better connecting them to their target audience," said Patrick Hill, the founder of Disctopia. "As the music industry moves into the next generation of listening, Disctopia aims to become a leader of the content creator economy whether it is a garage band, podcaster or even an organization." 

About the company 

Disctopia is a company on a mission to revolutionize the independent creators industry. We hope to build a future where fair play is the norm, fans fuel the culture, and everyone can prosper — not just record labels and corporations, but the artists and creatives themselves. Our mobile app delivers indie content from Disctopia to fans and creatives worldwide. Even if you have already purchased content from another platform, you can easily use the Disctopia app to access it all.

Name: Patrick Hill
Email: hillpa@gmail.com 
Phone: 1-704-780-4707

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About Disctopia

Disctopia is a music streaming platform and podcast hosting company dedicated to curated artists, podcasters, and content creators, providing enterprise content delivery as well as over 50 integrations.

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