DIS 2023 Ag Equipment Industry Trends Report Reveals How Dealerships Are Undergoing a Digital Transformation

Dealer Information Systems (DIS) Corp., leading agriculture, lift truck, construction, and truck refrigeration dealership software vendor in North America, has released its new 2023 Ag Equipment Industry Trends Report. This detailed report shares insights from surveys, recommendations from industry experts, and best practices from farm equipment dealers across North America to help dealers plan for 2023.  

In recent years, the farm equipment industry has seen some major technological advancements. From service automation to cloud adoption to data analytics and more, dealers are leveraging technology to thrive in a rapidly changing market. The report shares insights from Floyd Jerkins, Roger Grimes, and other industry experts who weigh in on how technology can help dealers improve efficiency, profitability, and customer loyalty at their stores.  

"Your competition isn't just the dealer down the street anymore. You are competing with every service provider your customer comes in contact with, and they are constantly comparing you to others. Just like the telephone, emails and texts are vital communication tools to master," says Floyd Jerkins, President of Jerkins Creative Consulting. 

"Technology doesn't replace the human heart of what we do. It enhances it. It helps us form and maintain stronger relationships with our customers," says Shane Waldemar, General Manager at DIS. "In this report, we share changes happening in the Ag equipment market and in the world of dealership technology to help dealers sow the seeds for a stable and profitable future."  

Read the 2023 Ag Equipment Industry Trends Report for free here. 

About DIS 

With more than 2,400 locations served, DIS is the leading provider of business system software to agriculture, lift truck, construction, and truck refrigeration dealers and distributors in North America. It has served the equipment dealership industry since 1980. DIS is committed to truly understanding its customers and providing them with the right solutions, support, and training. DIS is driven by integrity, a passion for innovation, and the desire to have a positive influence on the industries it serves.

Source: Dealer Information Systems (DIS) Corp.