- Luxor Joins In With Elaborate Celebrations For Revolution Day reports that preparations are under way in Egypt for the annual celebrations for Revolution Day where residents in Luxor and around the country will be remembering one of the country's most significant dates in its history.

Revolution Day refers to the day when a group of army officers staged a military coup to overthrow the monarch of the time King Farouk I. The movement then led to the overall abolishment of the monarchy and a republic was formed instead.

Each year the official date is 23rd July but visitors can see celebrations taking place the day before as this was when the group of soldiers known as the Free Officers Movement actually started the coup. The event is given as a public holiday and is the biggest of its kind in Egypt. Grand shows will be staged in the major cities with concerts that are primarily focused on national themes to create a sense of pride within the people.

Anyone staying at Luxor hotels can also see the elaborate and perfectly timed military parades by the army, air force and navy. Many of the concerts are televised so if people happen to miss them live they can be seen later in the evening.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head at commented: "As a public holiday places like Luxor with its many attractions and heritage mean that the majority of hotels are much busier with guests. Making reservations will become much harder as the day draws closer."