DIR Salon Furniture's Self-Manufacturing Capabilities Provide Distinct Advantage for Salon Furniture & Equipment Buyers

As a leading consummate source of beauty spa and salon furniture, DIR Salon is holding a distinct advantage over its competitors with self-manufactured products.

DIR Salon Furniture, an online consortium of salon furniture, equipment, and products, has adapted "the DIR Advantage". Thanks to their newly integrated production capabilities, and adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning, the company now maintains full process automatic production over the entire product cycle, from conception to shipment. The DIR Advantage ensures a significant reduction in human error, a higher standard of quality control, and the ability to provide accessories, extra parts, and replacements in any or all of their products.

DIR's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities enable their production staff to complete creations with exacting precision and quality. This perfect balance of presentation and utility is helping DIR Salon Furniture set the stage for high-class salons, spas, and offices all over the world.

Their comprehensive line of salon, beauty, barber and medical spa furniture and equipment is expertly crafted by top designers based in the UK. By leveraging the knowledge of the European salon scene, DIR's designers invoke exquisite details with unparalleled artistry. 

With over 18 years of business and retail experience across the globe, DIR's internal manufacturing capabilities apply to a wide spectrum of product lines, including salon equipment, barber furniture, medical spa furniture, reception counters, and more. According to the DIR team, their products are equipped with cutting-edge solutions and a vast selection of intuitive features.

Their salon furniture packages also help customers save valuable time and hassle by carefully crafting salon equipment collections that work in unison. Their most popular curated collections include salon chair packages, shampoo station packages, and salon styling station packages, matching function with aesthetics to complete any salon procurement in one quick and easy step.

For questions and comments regarding their shipping information, or for general inquiries, interested readers are advised to call (800) 728-2008, or contact DIR Salon Furniture directly through their website.

About DIR Salon Furniture

The Dream in Reality Group has held its head office in Birmingham, England, since 2002, serving their customer service, sales, and distribution needs for a rapidly growing client base that stretches all across Europe, from the UK and France to Germany and Russia. Their North American presence is anchored just outside of New York City, in Syosset, New York. This warehouse and logistics hub has allowed the company to establish direct shipping partners to serve customers throughout the US and Canada. DIR New York also employs its own on-site delivery and service team exclusively for its local customers.

Source: DIR Salon Furniture