Digitization Offensive for Small and Medium-Sized Hotels by HotelFriend

​In Germany alone, there are over 300 different providers of hotel software. In contrast, there are more than 44,000 tourist accommodations (as of 2018), which have to manage their accommodation, guests, reservations and bookings. A high number of systems offered by hotel software providers are supposed to increase revenue but also generate additional costs. The majority of software solutions are focusing on hotel chains and houses with a high number of rooms, due to the great earning opportunities those offer. On the one hand, small hotels do not necessarily have the budget available or do not want to invest in software, on the other hand, supporting many small businesses is more time-consuming than a few big chains for the software providers.

However, the smaller accommodations and their requirements, as well as their very own capabilities, are ignored. The Berlin startup HotelFriend recognized this situation and came up with something. It has combined all the necessary software components for the operation of a hotel in one package that not only digitalizes daily business but also improves the distribution of rooms by means of an integrated channel manager and commission-free booking engine for its own website.

Small hotels, in particular, need reliable hotel software that makes it easier for them to keep track of their rooms, guests and revenue while increasing the sales of rooms and services. Especially in the area of service sales, many small houses underestimate their digitization potential and work with business cards and information brochures instead of earning money from every trip.

"In order for smaller, independent hotels to reach their full potential, we offer our smallest package during the promotion period for €49 per month. Thus, we enable small hotels to digitize and manage their property more efficiently by providing them with a guest app and a deal manager to easily create real value for their guests. The booking button, which is also included, will allow customers to book everything commission-free from the hotel website. Of course, we support our hoteliers even further from mobile check-in to joint advertising campaigns. Everything from one source," explains Denis Severyuk, CEO of HotelFriend.

Deal Manager, Booking Button, and App are also included in the offer. Add-on packages include, for example, a concierge app for direct bookings and self-check-in, an integrated channel manager or a management interface for several hotels and guesthouses -- extensions that can be easily switched on and off in seconds.

The offer is available until the end of May and can be viewed at hotelfriend.com/en/b/special-offer-49.

HotelFriend is a German IT product company that seeks to digitalize the travel industry and benefit hoteliers and travelers alike. The HotelFriend team has presented a cloud-based software solution aimed to give businesses a lift at every step of the hotel’s development. Covering key aspects of the hospitality industry, it takes customer satisfaction to a brand new level.​

Source: HotelFriend.com

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