Digital Signage Drives Innovative Communication at C.R. England

The digital signage network displays performance metrics, menu boards, monthly flyers and safety tips to improve communication at seven C.R. England locations.

​​​​​​Mvix, a leading provider of content-rich digital signage software and solutions, implemented a digital signage network of 26 displays across seven C.R. England locations, a leader in the trucking industry. 

C.R. England is one of the top trucking and transportation companies in the country. They are known as one of the safest carriers in the industry, operating five driving schools across the country. Since opening in 1920, C.R. England now operates in the 48 contiguous states as well as Mexico.

The digital signage network is powered by Mvix's content-rich software. The goal of the implementation is to provide a more innovative approach to C.R. England's communications strategy.

The Challenge

C.R. England wanted a new, engaging way to relay real-time communication to drivers and employees.

They needed a solution that would:

  • Improve internal and external communications
  • Increase brand consistency across their locations
  • Modernize their facilities

The Solution

C.R. England implemented a network of 26 digital signage displays across seven different locations. The network is powered by the Mvix digital signage software.

The Mvix platform offered: 

  • Ease-of-use - The Mvix software allowed C.R. England to upload and manage their content in a user-friendly manner.
  • Remote access - The C.R. England team was able to access the software from anywhere. This meant that the screens could be updated on the go to display the most up-to-date information.
  • Content-rich software - The Mvix content library includes over 200 content apps and data integrations, giving C.R. England a variety of content to choose from.

The Result

The digital signage network helped C.R. England communicate more efficiently with their drivers, as well as employees, relaying important information about performance, announcements and more.

C.R. England has noticed:

  • Increased engagement with truckers and employees
  • A modern, comfortable atmosphere
  • Flexibility in updating content in real-time

"Mvix makes us think strategically how we want our campaigns presented and, on the daily, what communication is important to us to be showing to our 8,000+ team members across the nation," said Kendra Van Horrsen, Marketing Communications Manager. 

Overall, the Mvix content-rich digital signage solution was a great addition to all of the C.R. England offices. It helped improve communication with employees and truckers with eye-catching content.

"It's been pleasant working with C.R. England to implement their digital signage network. They are now able to engage their employees by displaying performance metrics, event listings, and more," said Dan Mersberger, Solutions Consultant at Mvix.​

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