Digital Signage and Experiential Design Agency, Array Interactive, Appoints Jeff Dumo as New CEO

New Leadership Uses Digital Technology to Emotionally Captivate and Connect Brands in Corporate and Consumer-Focused Environments

​​Array Interactive has announced the appointment of Jeff Dumo as their new CEO. He will assume responsibilities on November 1, 2015 and will succeed William Kwok, who will continue to lead Array Interactive's technology innovation and development as the Director of Technology and Chairman of Array Interactive’s Board.

“I am extremely excited to have Jeff lead Array Interactive to the next growth phase as a leading digital agency. Jeff has proven to be a very inspiring and capable leader, which I believe will be critical as we grow creatively and technologically in the digital environment and digital signage arenas,” said Kwok, Array Interactive CEO and Chairman.

"That's why my first priority is to re-position and brand Array as an experiential design agency."

Jeff Dumo, New CEO of Array Interactive

Dumo has been part of Array for six years, becoming a partner shortly after the company’s inception in 2009.  Before being promoted to Chief Executive Officer, Dumo focused on developing and executing growth strategies as VP of Marketing and Sales. His efforts yielded key relationships with Fortune 500 companies, including ExxonMobil, Adobe, Cisco, Brown-Forman, the U.S. Army, NASA and the San Francisco Giants.  He also worked to position the company as a leader in digital signage strategy, content creation and development.

“I’m greatly honored for the opportunity to lead Array Interactive,” says Dumo. “I believe we’ve established a unique position as a digital signage agency and I’m proud of the award-winning work we’ve conceived for so many predominant global brands. That said, I believe what we’ve produced only scratches the surface of what’s possible for digital signage and digital experiences in general.

Digital technology and content is evolving dramatically, particularly in how it is shaping people’s experiences with brands in public and private spaces. In fact, our clients are consistently asking us not simply to create content for digital signage screens or video walls, but how they can emotionally captivate and connect with people in their corporate and consumer-focused environments. The intent here is to simply answer that call. That’s why my first priority is to re-position and brand Array as an experiential design agency.

While we will continue to create digital signage programs, we will also begin to communicate and bring to market a broader set of experiential design services.”

Prior to Array Interactive, Dumo was an executive leader for several digital marketing agencies where he developed award-winning creative digital strategies for entertainment, consumer and technology brands like ABC, AMD, Cisco, Disney, Electronic Arts, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Pictures, and Warner Brothers.  Dumo is a graduate of Golden Gate University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.

About Array Interactive

Array Interactive is an award-winning experiential design + digital signage agency. Array provides strategic, creative and unique experiential solutions that amplify an organization's brand and further it’s business objectives through digital signage and emerging technologies. The results are custom, content-rich digital experiences that connect audiences to brands. The agency’s clients include Adobe, Brown-Forman, Cisco, ExxonMobil, Salvatore Ferragamo, Salesforce, The San Francisco Giants, NASA, and the U.S. Army. Array is also an honored member of the Society of Digital Agencies — an invitation only group comprised of global agencies that are creating the future of marketing and digital experiences.