"Digital EZ See Pass": An Immediate, Visual Means of Checking an Updated Account Balance in the Electronic Toll System

Invents unveils the "Digital EZ See Pass" which allows users to see an up-to-date balance and avoid costly and frustrating delays on the road.

​Ease of use is vitally important when traveling. This even more important when waiting in the long lines at the toll plazas on tolls roads. The Digital EZ See Pass is a simple way to bypass those frustrating lines and place you back on your way.  It provides users with an immediate, visual means of checking their updated account balance in the electronic toll system; a wireless digital display which mounts on the interior of the windshield. Each pass-through deducts the toll from the user’s account balance and displays the new balance.
The Digital EZ See Pass improves the convenience of the EZ Pass System because it keeps the users alerted to and aware of their account balance.  These numbers are displayed on a continuous basis and deduct tolls as they are incurred. The device is housed within a plastic casing and produced in a version for cars and a different version for motorcycles. It is powered by a lithium battery, has a LED display panel and mounted to the interior of the windshield via adhesive-backed mounting strips.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Digital EZ See Pass.
The Patent Pending Digital EZ See Pass was invented by Nancy Santiago of Yonkers, NY who said, “The Digital EZ See Pass spares the driver from having to pull over in order to make a phone call to check one’s balance. It is right there before their eyes. Toll-related delays are ended forever when this is in use. It works perfectly.”

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