DialMyCalls Offers New Text Polling Software

DialMyCalls.com Launches Text Message Polls & Surveys With Live Reporting.

Text Polling Software - DialMyCalls

Create engaging text message polls and surveys with DialMyCalls' brand new text message polling software. Choose between three different types of polls to send out to contacts from within DialMyCalls and receive results instantly.

The ability to send out a survey or poll via text message is a huge bonus for many types of organizations and businesses. Churches can ask congregation members if they will be able to help out with an upcoming charity drive or small businesses can send customers a text message survey asking for a rating on their experience.

Whatever the use may be, DialMyCalls makes it extremely easy to create and send out a poll or survey via text message.

Every DialMyCalls account will be able to utilize the text polling software which has the following three types of polls/surveys to choose from:

  • Multiple Choice: Ask text message recipients a question and give them options to choose from. Example: "We are switching to a 4-day work week - which day do you prefer having off? Reply 1 for Monday, Reply 2 for Friday"
  • Number Range: The number range poll is perfect for small businesses to reach out to customers and inquire about rating their shopping experience. Example: "How would you rate your shopping experience with us today? Please reply with a number between 1-5 (5 being the best, 1 being the worst). Thank you!"
  • Yes/No: Host an event and utilize DialMyCalls' mass texting as guest invitations - ask recipients to reply with "Yes" or "No" to build an accurate guest list. Example: "Will you be attending our private party on Thursday, July 30, 2022? Please reply Yes or No - thank you!"

Create and send engaging text message polls and surveys using DialMyCalls - sign up for an account to start using the new text polling software today.

About DialMyCalls.com

DialMyCalls.com was founded in 2006 and offers an industry-leading mass texting service. Text message polling expands their texting capabilities to offer customers the option to create live polls and surveys with instant reporting.

For more information, please visit https://www.dialmycalls.com, call 800-928-2086 or email sales@dialmycalls.com.


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