DialMyCalls Launches 12th Year of Free Santa Calls

DialMyCalls.com Celebrates Christmas 2022 With 12th Annual Free Santa Calling Event

Santa Calls 2022 - DialMyCalls

Looking to send a free call from Santa to your kid(s) this Christmas? DialMyCalls is back for the 12th annual Santa calling event. The voice broadcasting and mass texting service will once again give parents the opportunity to send a personalized greeting from Santa Claus himself.

Spreading Christmas joy is something the team at DialMyCalls looks forward to every year and the time is finally here. Simply sign up for a Santa calls account with DialMyCalls and schedule the free Santa calls (up to three) at absolutely no cost.

"It's Christmas time and once again I am thrilled to team up with Santa to send out personalized calls to children all across the United States," says David Batchelor, President of DialMyCalls. "2021 was a huge year as once again we sent over 100,000 custom calls from Santa and I am expecting 2022 to be even bigger!"

What are the steps to receive a Santa Claus call? 

  • Create a Free Account - Sign up for a free Santa calls account and parents will then select their child's name from a drop-down list.
  • Schedule Your Santa Call -  You can send the Santa call immediately or schedule it for a later date and time. 

Each Santa Calling account that is created will be able to send out three free personalized greetings via DialMyCalls' mass texting and voice broadcasting service. Parents are able to purchase additional custom greetings.

Join DialMyCalls this Christmas and spread some holiday cheer by sending a personalized call from Santa Claus.

About DialMyCalls.com

DialMyCalls.com was founded in 2006 and provides an industry-leading mass texting and voice broadcasting service. 2022 is the 12th year that DialMyCalls will spread holiday cheer by having Santa Claus send out personalized Christmas calls to children.

For more information, please visit https://www.dialmycalls.com or call 800-928-2086. You can also email tsmith@ontimetelecom.com for additional information.


Source: DialMyCalls