DHS and Its Philanthropic Arm THK Donate $35 Million in Charitable Grants and Mobilize NGOs to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic: Fernando Aguirre, Vice Chairman, Announced

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DHS, and its philanthropic arm, THK, today announced the commitment of $35 million in charitable cash grants to help combat the global health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. and around the world when it comes to impacting communities served by nonprofits. The donation addresses the urgent needs of NGOs across the country who are working to slow the spread of the virus within communities and strengthen vulnerable healthcare systems against future public health threats. DHS is also responding to community emergency needs during this unprecedented time by evolving its THK Program and donating additional critical PPE and masks in the U.S. and around the world to other nonprofits working in the trenches.

"We are in the midst of a global health crisis and understand the need for immediate and significant philanthropic and private sector contributions to help sustain local and global nonprofit organizations on the front lines of the pandemic response, with the goal of saving lives," said Fernando Aguirre, Vice Chairman of DHS. "We, at DHS, believe it is our responsibility to help protect the most vulnerable and providing assistance in preventing the spread and are putting the full weight of our resources behind our comprehensive COVID-19 response."

The donation includes charitable grants from DHS and THK to support both domestic and global NGOs responses.


In states across the country with high COVID-19 disease burden, emergency relief funds will be provided to nonprofit organizations organizations to help address local COVID-19 health needs, working on the frontlines to help our communities and people in-need. Grant funding will also be provided to charitable community health clinics for immediate and longer-term needs of frontline healthcare workers addressing infectious disease priorities and the COVID-19 response.


Outside the U.S., grant funding will be provided to international NGOs and community relief partners that support direct COVID-19 relief and longer-term health systems strengthening. Over the last several weeks, more than $1 million in grant funding has been provided to established community partners, including HOPE International and Doctors Without Borders, to support the provision of urgently needed supplies to frontline healthcare workers and to aid in global recovery efforts.

Most of the donations will be distributed to nonprofit organizations within the next four to six weeks based on a previous evaluation of response priority needs and partner resource capabilities and gaps. DHS, and THK and its community partners will monitor and assess the evolving nature of the pandemic and the impact of these grants. These donations build on DHS' longstanding commitments in the U.S. and around the world to provide nonprofit organizations with the tool and advantages they need to do their work and complete their mission to assist particularly in underserved communities.


To help address the evolving needs of nonprofit organizations and provide uninterrupted access to assistance, DHS has also quickly adapted elements of its THK Program to accommodate the challenges eligible organizations are facing by increasing supplies during the quarantine, upon request, and where possible, accepting telecommute assistance, among other efforts. DHS has also partnered with INGOs and U.S. non-profit organizations to donate and distribute essential PPE and other supplies.


As previously announced, DHS has created a new Global COVID-19 THK Program that empowers its own colleagues to provide their own financial contributions and support in the battle against COVID-19. Executives who feel duty-bound to provide their financial support during this crisis will now have a way to engage in the fight. Colleagues will continue to receive their full pay, benefits and be able to return to their position upon completion of service.

In addition, many of DHS' approximately 800 executives and staff are donating their time and skills through virtual and other safe volunteer activities to help address urgent COVID-19 related needs at the community level, and THK is matching executive donations to local, national and global charitable organizations focused on COVID-19 relief.


DHS' THK is the philanthropic arm of the firm and it focuses on aiding a select few NGOs in the United States and abroad selected by its Executive Committee and focused on the areas of healthcare, education, workforce development and that make a social impact in communities where the underserved population is in crucial need of resources.


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