Dherbs CEO, A.D. Dolphin, Explains Why a Healthy Colon is the Key to a Healthy Body on the Real

A.D. Dolphin, the CEO of Dherbs Inc., will appear on The Real to talk about cleansing and the importance of proper waste elimination. The average person can hold up to 20lbs of waste in the digestive tract, and A.D. has tips and a very special product to help you keep your colon healthy.

A.D. Dolphin, CEO of Dherbs Inc., On The Real

​​​​​Dherbs Inc., home of the Full Body Cleanse and the premier online resource for herbal supplements, is proud to announce that one of its products has helped thousands of people improve digestion and successfully rid waste from the body.

Nobody ever wants to talk about poop, even though it is one of the body’s most natural processes. Well, A.D. Dolphin, CEO of Dherbs Inc., isn’t afraid to talk about it, and he’ll be giving professional tips on how to improve waste elimination with the ladies of The Real on April 18th, 2018. It is possible to naturally regulate your bowels, which is one of the key aspects to successful weight loss and a healthier body.

The Standard American Diet is ruining the digestive system day by day. A.D. Dolphin from Dherbs Inc. will explain how to maintain a healthy colon and how keep the digestive system functioning like it should.

Roughly 80-90% of diseases start in the colon because of bacterial build up. According to new research, about 16% of Americans suffer from chronic constipation, and general constipation accounts for over six million visits to the doctor’s office every year! There are an additional 700,000 visits to the emergency room. These numbers are saddening because constipation can be easily avoided, and A.D. has the information you need to help keep you regular.

If you are constipated, bloated, having an issue with weight loss, and are not eating enough fibrous foods like vegetables and fruits, you are in some serious trouble. The Standard American Diet is ruining the digestive system day by day. A.D. will explain how to maintain a healthy colon and how keep the digestive system functioning like it should. Additionally, he has an all-natural product that can help anyone experiencing constipation, bloating, or gas. It promotes toxin elimination and can nourish the GI tract.

Don’t forget to tune in to The Real on April 18th, 2018, because you won’t want to miss out on A.D’s beneficial tips that not only help to relieve constipation, but also help with weight loss, better metabolism, and overall digestion. Check your local listings for show times and channel information or visit http://thereal.com/.

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