Dherbs Launches the New 2-3-2 Cleanse, an Effective Weight Management Program

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Dherbs Inc., a leading online retailer of herbal supplements, recently launched a new weight management product: The 2-3-2 Cleanse. Featuring the same supplements as the company's flagship product, the 20-day Full Body Cleanse, the 2-3-2 is a seven-day program that should be done routinely to thwart yearly weight gain.

The world of dieting can be confusing and frustrating when there isn't a plan in place. Similar to other Dherbs cleansing regimens, the 2-3-2 Cleanse lays out clear instructions on how to succeed. With the added support of the online recipe section, informational booklet, and customer service representatives to guide users along their journey, cleansing and losing weight has never been easier.

People tend to gain one to two pounds per year, which explains the current obesity rate of 42.4% in the United States. The 2-3-2 Cleanse is the perfect way to counteract yearly weight gain and encourage optimal organ and system function. Because of the short duration of the cleanse, it is intended to be done once a month as a continuity program. It's more than a weight management aid; rather, it's a way to hit the reset button on health once a month to have the healthiest body possible.

Key Components Of The 2-3-2 Cleanse

  • Six herbal formulas that aim to help the body function at an optimal level.
  • Potential to boost how the body functions. 
  • Weight loss of 4-12 lbs, depending on underlying health conditions and adherence to the cleansing plan.
  • Two days juicing, three days raw vegan, and two days juicing/eating raw vegan.
  • Designed to be done routinely to help thwart yearly weight gain or help meet a goal weight.

A Combination of Convenience and Efficiency

Cleansing the body for 20 or 30 days can be both intimidating and challenging. That's why Dherbs designed the 2-3-2 Cleanse, which contains the same herbal formulas that comprise the company's 20-day Full Body Cleanse, which has helped millions of people worldwide lose weight and improve their health. 20 days, however, is not feasible for everyone, but the new seven-day 2-3-2 Cleanse is more convenient and less intimidating.

In a week's time, the body has a chance to feel rejuvenated and healthier overall. The instructional booklet provides all of the necessary information that's integral for success. The idea behind doing the cleanse monthly is that it gets easier with every use. People have the chance to get more familiar with recipes they enjoy and can fall into a healthy rhythm. The 2-3-2 Cleanse, while a program to help hit the reset button on health, is a reminder that health is a priority, an essential component to longevity.

The 2-3-2 Cleanse is now available at dherbs.com and can also be purchased over the phone with the aid of customer service representatives. Visit the website or call (866) 434-3727 for more information and start a new health journey today.

Source: Dherbs Inc.