DevryBV Sustainable Strategies and Improvability AI Partner to Deploy AI to Accelerate Long-Term ESG Growth

DevryBV Sustainability Strategies and Improvability AI announced a strategic partnership aimed at advancing the use of Generative AI for improving companies’ sustainability outcomes. 

DevryBV Sustainable Strategies is a sustainability and ESG-advisory and strategy firm that supports businesses of all sizes, and in particular small and mid-sized enterprises, in their quest to build profitable and sustainable businesses. It is partnering with Improvability AI, the Generative AI improvement engine for sustainability, to support its clients in their long-term ESG growth.

Businesses are under increasing pressure from investors, regulators, customers, and consumers to adapt and adopt sustainability frameworks and practices, often without the in-house resources needed to deliver. Businesses are looking for affordable and reliable solutions that they can immediately integrate into their operations.  Improvability AI gives these companies a Chief Sustainability Officer AI at their fingertips with the latest compliance, benchmarking, reporting, and other support tools that they need to demonstrate progress. 

The strength of this partnership is based on the combined power of DevryBV’s proven change management process and Improvability AI’s cutting-edge innovation, united by the shared belief that business adapts by making sustainable improvements over time. This alliance meets companies where they are by providing individual Sustainability IDs and helping them improve on whatever sustainability metrics are most important to them.

By working with DevryBV and Improvability AI, companies will experience sustainable improvements such as reduced resource use, lower emissions, elimination of waste, increased competitiveness through cost reduction and new revenue creation, as well as shareholder and stakeholder recognition for the improvements they are making. 

Devry Boughner Vorwerk, Founder and CEO of DevryBV Sustainable Strategies: “DevryBV Sustainable Strategies is thrilled to establish a collaborative business partnership with Improvability AI,” said Devry Boughner Vorwerk, Founder and CEO. “As small and medium-sized enterprises face mounting pressure on their supply and value chains, they require efficiency and innovation for their sustainability and ESG strategies. Powerful technology tools like Improvability AI offer substantive insights that are invaluable to the growth and profitability of businesses. Coupled with DevryBV’s Integrated Sustainability Framework®, we are pleased to make this additional tool available to our clients.” 

Tee Ganbold, Co-founder and CEO of Impovability AI:  “We are proud to announce this innovative partnership with DevryBV so soon after the launch of Improvability AI. We are eager to see the impact Gen AI will have for DevryBV’s clients through our bespoke and highly accessible solutions. By working closely together, we will help companies of all sizes unlock decision-useful sustainability data to improve their sustainability journeys.”


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About DevryBV Sustainable Strategies:

DevryBV Sustainable Strategies is an ESG advisory and strategy firm that supports small-to-medium-sized enterprises in their quest to build profitable and sustainable businesses. Its mission is to inspire business to courageously serve humanity using The Humanverse™ business model. Founded in 2019 in Excelsior, MN by Devry Boughner Vorwerk, DevryBV is headquartered adjacent to the Twin Cities, where the company makes sustainability accessible at the center of commerce and community. With local, national, and global clients, DevryBV offers holistic approaches to ESG using a proprietary Integrated Sustainability Framework® that leverages a five-step process to break down traditional silos, drive internal alignment, foster cooperation across business functions, engage employees, enhance efficiency and effectiveness, and elevate a company's purpose and impact. DevryBV works across diverse businesses and sectors, including food and agriculture, energy, finance, technology, and manufacturing. More information can be found at:

About Improvability AI: 

Improvability AI is the Generative AI improvement engine for sustainability. Its mission is to help businesses of all sizes improve the impact they have on the planet and society through unlocking decision-useful data at a truly global scale. It evolves corporate sustainability by defeating burdensome data collection and bureaucratic stakeholder disclosure requirements. Uniquely designed for sustainability, ESG and supply chain specialists, Improvability AI offers companies and individuals a bespoke and highly accessible approach that enables sustainability data extraction (including excel files) into their own secure, private vector databases. We are also developing the world’s largest public database of verified sustainability data, technologies and reporting frameworks to meet the growing need for accurate, actionable data to work with the Large Language Models (LLMs). More information can be found at: and 

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