Device Deals Now Offers Market Thrashing Sums on Fuji Ultrium Lto Data Tapes

Consult with industry's leading experts for data storage solutions and bring the best value proposition to the overall cost of ownership with Device Deals. Starting from Fuji Ultrium LTO-1 up to LTO-5 data backup tapes, there is a lot more to choose from a multitude of products and solutions for businesses with diverse demands.

 LTO Ultrium data backup tapes have successfully positioned themselves on top of the list when it comes to addressing businesses ever growing data storage demands. From the very cursory data archival needs up to backing up extensive stacks of data that largely includes businesses and their valued customers, manufacturers continues to research and provide the best products that addresses businesses dynamic data storage needs.

LTO Data backup Tapes have become well renowned for their exclusive features promising absolute performance and reliability like no other products and several state-of-the-art online data storage solutions.

Engage now with Device Deals by becoming a registered customer and choose from a wide range of IT products addressing your dynamic IT needs.

From varied prices and a multitude of product line extensions up to immense performance and reliability factors, IT Experts considered data media tapes as one of the best and highly affordable data archival solutions based on the following key variables;

  • Extensive native and compressed data storage capacities
  • Ultra-high writing speed that reaches up to a total of 400MB/Sec
  • RFID cartridge labeling
  • Intelligent interlocking system
  • Greater recording density
  • Backward tape drive compatibility
  • The least media cost per GB of stored data

Here is a set of Fuji Ultrium LTO Tapes for businesses with greater emphasis on saving their data archival costs that our experts have precisely identified as one of the best cartridges ensuring absolute reduction in data management costs for businesses.

·         Fuji 26200010 LTO-1 Backup Tape 100GB/200GB 

·         Fuji 26220001 LTO-2 Backup Tape 200GB/400GB

·         Fuji 15539393 LTO-3 Backup Tape 400GB/800GB

·         Fuji 15716800 LTO-4 Backup Tape 800GB/1600GB

·         Fuji 16008030 LTO-5 Tape Cartridge 1500GB/3000GB

While bringing in the best products at market beating prices, Device Deals also offer s exclusive membership plans to the valued customers. Become a registered customer and make the most out of many other amazing features that are sure to deliver an extra shell of exclusivity and cost efficiency.

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