Detailed Overview of Cloud Computing to Tax and Accounting Practices

SageNext is one of the leading cloud hosting vendor for tax and accounting application hosting. The company is located in Augusta, GA and it's datacenters are in New York and Dallas. The company has more than 8 years of hosting experience for different versions of tax and accounting application hosting.

This is the time of cloud computing and it can be used to ease day to day operations, increase business collaboration, increase business agility, resulting in overall business growth. Tax and accounting practices are also deeply motivated by the facts of cloud and the related businesses has been moving towards it rapidly. By using tax and accounting cloud, businesses are growing extremely faster, serving more clients in less time and increasing the accuracy of the business.

The perfect cloud setup means the client spend less time in managing the information technology. So that, the business can put in their efforts to explore new concepts and more time for innovation. Using only is not sufficient until a business can’t find the efficient way of it’s usage. The effective usage can be: faster response time, improvement in business processes and expansion.

Like other domains, tax and accounting profession is also motivated by the facts of cloud. Cloud has been frequently used for tax preparations, accounting operations. It has many benefits like: improved business collaboration, faster business processing and less monthly expenses.

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SageNext helps it’s clients to create a unique kind of cloud platform that consists of desired tax or accounting applications as well as associated database. The major benefit of SageNext’s cloud is that the users can take full control of their platform starting right from hardware resources. The support team available all the way to assist on every steps.

Spend some time with SageNext’s sales expert to explore different cloud hosting options for tax and accounting applications. Below are some major options:

1- Shared Hosting Plan:

It is highly preferred for small businesses, firms that only use single application with just 1 or 2 company files or database. It has very minimal hosting fees that helps in cost reduction. It gives all the major features of all other hosting plans except clients share a platform with other users by maintaining high level of data security as well as privacy.

2- Dedicated Hosting Plan:

It is highly suitable for mid sized business, having many applications as well as complex database. Dedicated hosting has completely independent platform that only consists of applications and database to a specific organization, firm. It has pricing structure more than shared hosting plan. It has same security, privacy and support as shared hosting.

3- Enterprise Hosting Programs:

Defined by it’s name, it is highly suitable for enterprise level businesses, having unlimited applications as well as large amount of databases. It is highly recommended if the business has multiple locations and want a great amount of collaboration.

About SageNext:

​SageNext is a leading application hosting provider having specialization in tax and accounting application hosting. The company has more than 5 years of hosting experience for the leading applications like: QuickBooks, Sage 50 or PeachTree, Drake, ATX, Lacerte, Proseries, Taxwise and Ultratax. We support all add-ons and other supportive applications on the same hosted platform. We host all versions and editions of above mentioned applications.

At SageNext, we practice with industry standard resources to give the most reliable and trustworthy hosted platform. We use SAS 70 II and SSAE-16 certified data centers located in New York and Dallas to host your application and data so that it always remains safe and secure.

We have more than 500 QuickBooks hosting clients along with other tax and accounting application hosting users. We always put our best efforts to innovate new technologies to get maximum out of the technical resources for our tax and accounting professionals.

Our major advantages:

-> 24X7 free technical support over phone/mail/chat

-> Efficient printing and scanning

-> No long term contract required

-> Cost effective, just $29/user

-> Free backup for last 30 days

-> No setup and migration cost

-> Service delivery within 2 hours

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About Sagenext Infotech LLC

The company had previously dealt in many services like: website development for CPAs, SEO services and others. But after finding the fact that tax and accounting cloud hosting easy solution for all small, medium and enterprise.

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