Desk Lamps With Light Technology That Improve Sleep-Wake Cycle to Launch on Kickstarter

Olly Day and Olly Night, two lamps that provide a better energy boost than coffee and better relaxation than sleep aids, becomes available on Kickstarter starting June 29, 2020.

The innovative Olly products to launch on Kickstarter this coming Monday was developed by Luple, a startup team that began when founder and CEO Ardor aspired to do greater things with the light technology he developed during his time at Samsung. Once he realized the beneficial effects of this Human-Centric Lighting, he began working on Olly in hopes to provide a clean substitution to caffeine and sleeping pills.

Behind its portable and sleek design that weighs in at just 5 oz, Olly has technology that works around advanced biomimicry. Both Olly Day and Olly Night mimic the effects of natural sunlight to optimize people’s level of melatonin throughout the day. As most people spend the majority of their time indoors and on screens, excessive exposure to such artificial lighting throws off their circadian rhythm, which causes daytime drowsiness and insomnia. Unlike most conventional lights, Olly Day helps you feel more energized by increasing the 480nm light wavelength, while Olly Night gives the opposite effect by minimizing that same wavelength.

“We understand the science behind this is a little complicated,” Ardor remarks. “But once you understand how important this 480nm wavelength is at affecting our level of energy, you’ll see it’s actually pretty simple logic and why I believe Olly to be so revolutionary! We can’t wait to bring these products to Kickstarter.”

Olly Day's energy boost works more efficiently than a cup of espresso and is free of caffeine's side effects, such as caffeine crash and rapid heart beating. By using Olly Night for just 30 minutes a night, it can help speed up the process of falling asleep.

Pre-orders for Olly will be available for 30 days once the campaign goes live on June 29, 2020. Backers can save up to 20% by pledging the limited Early Bird reward.​

Luple aims to promote a healthier and active lifestyle through Olly. For more information on the product and technology, visit

Source: Luple


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