Design to Heal: Mitra Silva is the Interior Design Visionary Inspiring a Massive Paradigm Shift in the Healthcare Space

LA Healthcare Design Inc. Introduces Healing Interior Design for Patients and Physicians

Creative design thought leader Mitra Silva is answering the public’s call for “healing spaces” within the medical industry, and her interior design firm, LA Healthcare Design Inc., is completely transforming everything patients (and physicians) have come to expect from a medical setting in the process. Taking a spiritually aware, intuitive, and eco-conscious approach to design, everyone from major hospitals to private practices are invoking the help of Silva and her team as the industry begins to shift from its traditionally cold, intimidating, and austere aesthetic to one focused on patient healing, positive functionality, and energetic flow.  

“I think most individuals can relate to the negative feeling associated with a healthcare waiting room: the color scheme is cold, the pictures are thoughtless, and nearly everything about the experience is lacking soul. It is then necessary to be ‘escorted’ back, due to the lack of attention or care placed into creating an intuitive flow of the floorplan. And, the examination rooms are equally daunting in design. We come to these facilities to improve our health and wellbeing, and yet, everything about the construction and interior design contradicts this,” says Silva. “My vision is to support physicians in their mission to heal by delivering an environment that actually helps people feel comforted and at peace. I want to unravel that icky or high-stress feeling we get when we think ‘medical practice’ or ‘hospital.’ These spaces are meant for healing, and we believe interior designs should reflect just that.” 

From the design concept to the build to the final reveal, Mitra Silva’s LA Healthcare Design curates an optimally functioning medical environment that serves both patients and physicians alike. From the direction of the floorboards to the art on the walls, each element is mindfully curated with the intention of inciting a feeling of peace and comfort. Aesthetic beauty just happens to be a natural bonus. 

“I moved to Los Angeles from Iran with a dream of making a positive impact in the world. As a student in Iran, I focused on science and medicine with the intention of entering a dental program. I loved it and yet, a voice inside told me I was selling myself short. There was a creativity within me that needed to be put to use,” says Silva. “After immigrating to America, I worked full time while putting myself through design school. Eventually, I earned my degree and went on to work for an award-winning interior design firm, where I contributed to projects for Disney, HBO, Equinox, ESPN, and more. During this time, I also focused on my own personal healing and spiritual growth, a life-changing decision that eventually inspired me to blend both my passion for science and medicine with my passion for interior design. LA Healthcare Design was soon born, and I couldn’t be prouder of the work (not to mention the positive impact) we are putting out into the world.” 

Under Silva’s leadership, LA Healthcare Design has curated spaces for top physicians across a wide spectrum of specialties, from plastic surgery to pediatrics, as well as major healthcare institutions, such as UCLA. Additionally, Silva is a sought-after speaker and mentor to young interior designers still finding their voices in the field. Her strong message of positivity, female empowerment, and of course, healing is one certain to be echoed across generations of designers to come.  

For more information or to arrange a consultation or speaking engagement with Mitra Silva, please visit  


Source: L.A. Healthcare Design Inc.

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