Denver Family Sport and Spine Proud to Offer Pain-Relieving Dry-Needling Therapy

As leader of Denver Family Sport and Spine, Dr. Casey Schmitz is proud to provide patients a variety of effective pain-relief treatments.

Casey Schmitz

As the primary Chiropractic Physician at the Denver Family Sport and Spine Clinic, Dr. Casey Schmitz seeks to provide a variety of pain-relieving options and services to patients throughout the Denver Metro area. Among these services is Functional Dry Needling, a clinically proven way treat and alleviate pain while facilitating patient recover from within the body.

A minimally invasive patient recovery and pain relief method, the Denver Family Sport and Spine Functional Dry Needling treatment entails the use of thin needles, which are inserted into “trigger points” in the patient’s muscles. This highly effective technique never requires the use or injection of any type of solution, and relies on needles that are so thin that most patients never feel them penetrating the skin during the treatment. While some experience mild to moderate discomfort, most consider this to be worth it simply due to the immense reward of pain relief the treatment provides.

This guy knows what he is doing, he did dry needling in my traps as well as adjusted me! A few days later, I am feeling great! Dr. Casey is very knowledgeable, caring and provided me with more than just an adjustment! If you want a chiropractor who goes the extra mile Casey is your guy!

Campbell D, Client

A muscle’s trigger points can often cause considerable pain over a large area of the patient’s body, and can sometimes make even the most mundane of tasks, those performed every day, extremely difficult to complete. With the Denver Family Sport and Spine Functional Dry Needling treatment, patients generally experience results in just two to four visits (depending on the patient’s injury and pain undergoing treatment), as well as the facilitation of a speedier and more effective recovery from their injuries.

Dr. Casey Schmitz is a specialist in Functional Dry Needling and has seen firsthand just how effective this pain-relief treatment can be for those suffering from a sports-related injury. As he knows, dry needling is a powerful alternative therapy that can have a dramatically positive impact on a patient’s life, relieving pain and facilitating the recovery process in ways they may have never thought possible.

The Denver Family Sport and Spine team is proud to offer Dry Needling, as well as a variety of treatments that help reduce pain and expedite patient recovery. A Denver-area leader in Chiropractic Services and Sports-Injury related treatments, Dr. Casey Schmitz and the Denver Family Sport and Spine Clinic strive to deliver personalized and effective treatments that help return patients to a pain-free lifestyle.

For more information on the Denver Family Sport and Spine Clinic and its wide variety of services, or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Schmitz’s team at 1-720-468-0340 today! 

Source: Denver Family Sport and Spine Clinic


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